Trade Task Force

Trade Task Force

Mission & Goals

The mission of the Trade Task Force is to engage the European and U.S. business community in the various EACC chapter locations to generate awareness about the relevant trade initiatives and the opportunities it presents to businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

Task Force members will work with EACC staff to identify relevant topics and thought-leaders to address them. One of the main objectives is to develop educational programs to help the business community better understand how the regulatory, legal and business environment is changing.

The goal of these programs is to utilize the EACC’s unique pan-European knowledge base to update the local and national business communities on either side of the Atlantic on what they need to know.

The Trade Task Force will help engage the relevant public and private sector participants involved in this dialog to showcase EACCNY’s unique positioning on this important topic and highlight our members’ expertise in international trade & investment. 

The task force will provide EACC members and our larger audience with access to timely & relevant information and resources as they relate to transatlantic trade & investment.

Concretely, the Trade Task Force will:

  • Contribute to and participate in trade related business activities, member development & engagement in accordance with the EACC strategic priorities
  • Raise the profile and visibility of the EACC as a resources for trade related questions locally, nationally and internationally and in particular within the task-force’s primary target groups
  • Identify the key issues affecting business relations between the US and the European Union and develop informative programs to educate the EACC membership about topics in line with the priorities of the task-force target audience
  • Inform US executives about related regulatory issues in Europe and how they affect trans-Atlantic business transactions
  • Inform European executives about related regulatory issues in the United States and how they affect trans-Atlantic business transactions

The Trade Task Force is an initiative with local, chapter-specific members, its reach and cooperation on specific projects however will extend across all EACC chapters in the United State and Europe.

Task Force Responsibilities

  • Meet at least quarterly as a group to identify, plan, and develop programs and activities related to trade and aligned with the EACC’s mission with the support of the EACC staff
  • Task force members are encouraged to an active dialog with its relevant constituencies and help position the EACC as the go-to platform on the subject
  • Task force leaders or their designated representative are encouraged to participate in annual committee leaders’ meetings and annual EACC strategic meeting
  • Engage in a regular discourse with the EACC leadership and Staff and committees to help identify relevant topics and regulatory and legislative changes that could affect transatlantic business relations, and help identify subject matter experts to present at seminars/contribute to thought-leader articles
  • Help promote the EACC and its activities to the task force’s main constituencies and identify prospective members within its target audience and help engage them with the goal to get involved and become members of the EACC

Trade Task Force Members

The composition of the task force should be diverse in terms of industries and geographies and representative of the local community yet relevant to the transatlantic business activities of the EACC membership and our larger audience.

  • Concrete members are to be determined in the next few month while we build the Task Force.

Concrete members are to be determined in the next few months while we build out the Trade Task Force. In the meantime, be sure to visit our “Trade News” and “Trade & Investment Resources” below.

Trade News

Chapter News, Trade & TTIP Related

Extracts from Commissioner Phil Hogan’s remarks at European-American Chamber of Commerce event on Transatlantic Leadership Post-Covid

From EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan | Introduction I spent the lockdown at the heart of the EU, where all the action is. I worked every day in Brussels, to keep the bays moving. Right now everyone, be it companies or otherwise is evaluating his or her Trade Policy. It will not be business as usual. Major changes are taking place. Fundamentally, every company will have to look at their mission statements to adapt to the reality ahead. For the...

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Member News, Trade & TTIP Related

GTlaw: U.S. May Impose Additional Tariffs on EU Products

On June 26, 2020, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced that it is considering modifying the list of European Union products subject to additional tariffs upon importation into the United States and increasing the tariff rate up to 100 percent. The USTR is accepting comments whether specific products should be either added to or deleted from the lists and whether the rate on specific products should be increased. Comments are due by July 26, 2020. The current rate...

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Member News, Trade & TTIP Related

GDLSK: Section 301 tariffs on certain EU products

Between June 26- July 26, 2020, the US Special Trade Representative is accepting comments regarding the imposition of Sec. 301 tariffs on certain EU products. The products are segregated into 3 categories: Products currently subject to the Sec. 301 tariffs (at 10% and 25%); Products that were previously considered for inclusion but not previously  subject to the Sec. 301 tariffs; New products. Consider submitting comments if any product is potentially exposed to 301 duties under this new initiative. Federal Register Notice...

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