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Cybersecurity risks in cross-border M&A transactions

Thu. June 06, 2019
08:00 am - 10:30 am

!Bank of Ireland Innovation Lab
New York, NY 10017

Join us in a discussion on how are international companies responding to increasingly complex data privacy rules and costly cybersecurity risks during cross-border M&A transactions.

For companies that are being targeted for acquisition or Private Equity investment, security often takes a back seat, as executives devote all their attention to the most important task at hand: averting financial crisis. They no longer see security measures and precautions as being necessary for survival, so they reduce their priority level and cut investments previously allotted to them.

As a result, as we’ve seen repeatedly in the news, vulnerabilities may go unpatched and new threats unaddressed, increasing the risk of a security incident and exposure of confidential company and personal data. To complicate matters more, new laws and regulations have been implemented that, while generally limited to the protection of consumers in, or residents of, their jurisdictions and businesses operating there, have far-reaching implications that extend worldwide.

Participants will hear from a panel of experts representing private equity investors, legal and technical transactions service providers, leaders who directed cross-border transactions for their companies, and other M&A specialists as they discuss:
• How has, or how will, the M&A transaction process change(d) in response to these challenges?
• What best practices are being adopted to address data sharing needs during due diligence?
• What steps are investors taking to quantifying cybersecurity risk and mitigating their exposure?
• How significantly can cybersecurity risk impact the value of a transaction?
• What are the key differences between how risks are evaluated and mitigated during an investment due diligence, post-transaction and in preparation for divestiture?
• Where an acquisition results in the merging of business functions, data and technologies, what are the long-term impacts on security and how can these risks be managed?

PLUS: GDPR enforcement / effects of law on corporates/companies // sharing data across borders // data breaches

Gretchen Ruck, Director, ALIXPARTNERS
Jonathan  Kirsop, Partner, STEPHENSON HARWOOD
Gary AppelAdvisory Director, INVESTCORP


This seminar is sponsored by the Bank of Ireland

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10:00 AM - 10:30 AM - Networking

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