Upcoming Event

The anticipated IP restructurings of U.S. multinational enterprises

Thu. February 28, 2019
08:30 am - 09:30 am


Join Loyens & Loeff for an audio webcast in which their European tax specialists will cover about the anticipated IP restructurings of U.S. multinational enterprises.

In a rapidly changing tax environment, it is vital to understand the impact of EU and U.S. developments on structures used by U.S. multinational enterprises for their non-U.S. IP strategies. These structures are expected to be reorganized on a large scale in 2019. What are the areas of focus? What is the appropriate IP strategy? When do decisions need to be made?

● IP structures that will be affected
● Interaction between U.S. tax reform (e.g. GILTI) and EU anti-hybrid rules
● Reorganization options for non-U.S. IP strategies
● Benefits of ‘onshoring’ non-U.S. IP to Europe
● Benefits of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium as onshoring jurisdictions
● EU state aid risks and recommendations regarding onshoring tax rulings

● Vincent van der Lans, Loyens & Loeff
● Michielvan Kempen,  Loyens & Loeff
● Natalie Reypens,  Loyens & Loeff
● Beat Baumgartner,  Loyens & Loeff
● Hans van Walsem,  Loyens & Loeff

8.30am - 9.30am EST

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