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POSTPONED: Can’t choose your color! Pink Tax: What is it and why are YOU paying it?

Tue. March 10, 2020
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

!Flanders House
New York

Many studies conducted over the past several years have concluded that on average, the costs of goods and services marketed to females at the retail level are higher than costs of equivalent goods and services marketed to males. There are no good reasons for haircuts, dry-cleaning, razors, bicycles, or clothing to cost more for women than for men!

On the consumer products front, in 2015, the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs undertook a comprehensive study in the New York metro region and issued a detailed report finding that products marketed to women are, on average, 7% more expensive than substantially similar products marketed to men.  This is not new: In 1996, the State of California undertook a study which found that 64% of the stores in five major California cities charged more to dry clean a woman’s blouse compared to a man’s button-up shirt.

Other studies and investigations undertaken by universities, media organizations and governmental bodies have repeatedly demonstrated that razors, dry cleaning, clothes, haircuts, toys, as well as other goods and services marketed by gender, routinely cost more for females than males. 

And the issue is not just an American one either. The Pink Tax phenomenon has been identified in Europe, the Middle East, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere.

This panel will discuss what opponents and proponents are arguing and what can or should be done to address this fascination issue.

Michael Cone, Partner, FISHER BROYLES
Elizabeth Crowley, Borough President of Queens Candidate
Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, Vice President for Development, BRENNAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE
Nitasha Mehta, Director, Vendor Marketing, BOXED
Richard Cohen, Partner, FISHER BROYLES [Moderator]

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