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Webinar: Risk Management in a Pandemic: What to do Now

Wed. April 22, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


COVID-19 has affected Commerce, Travel, and all Transatlantic Transactions for weeks. Without a clear picture on the end of this global pandemic and no guarantee that there won’t be a second or third wave, businesses must re-evaluate their management, their HR strategies and their supply chains and contracts.
Join us for an open dialog on how to navigate these times of uncertainty and crisis, followed by a member’s Q&A. We hope to provide guidance and awareness on trends for a path to recovery.

Our panel will share its insights on the following business topics:

Workforce Issues Companies are facing in a Pandemic
●  Getting your workforce through a Pandemic – balancing economic survival and being a supportive employer
●  The new reality of remote work security, sanity and childcare
●  Sick leave and protection of employment in the US and EU
●  How to prepare your staff for the aftermath

Risk Management related to Commercial Contracts
●  Impossibility and force majeure – possible legal implications of the Coronavirus epidemic
●  Damage / compensation claims against government authority in case of closures?
●  M&A: Transactions In Times Of Corona: The Return Of The MAC? Foreign Direct Investment Restrictions increased
●  Real Estate
       ·   Impact on current real estate projects and leases
       ·   Impact on future construction/ office / retail location criteria and sustainability requirements/risk assessment criteria
● Real-life examples from a corporate perspective
       ·   Negotiating with suppliers during COVID-19
       ·   Re-booking versus Canceling
       ·   How to keep your clients engaged during this time of uncertainty
       ·   How to plan ahead for 2020 & 2021 without a clear picture of the end of COVID-19

Management of Companies during a Pandemic: Corporate Governance & Compliance
●  What will happen to Shareholders' meetings (postponement, e-meetings); related governance issues
●  Need to set up a Pandemic task force/rescue plan [potential integration/harmonizing with ESG planning] [e.g., conflict: because of climate change employers encourage public transport or car-sharing, in case of pandemic individual travel recommended / mandatory]

●  Possible expropriations/nationalizations will occur in strategically relevant areas, or ad interim requisitions (for instance, facilities which may be organized as Covid19 specialized hospitals, either with intensive care units or for patients who are recovering but still need to remain isolated), as well as in sectors of strategic national interests (e.g. telecommunication, transportation, defense, infrastructure).
●  Questions that are likely to be raised: Indemnification criteria, related litigation, regulatory issues, investment protection
●  State backed guarantees / state participation / restraints on executive pay and other conditions

What to expect now? Will there be a new Normal & What will it look like?
●  How to prepare and provide business-level awareness of major risks and requirements to address the next pandemic
●  Will there be a new trend and how will this pair up with the current trend towards a ‘sharing economy’
●  Trend towards more digitalization [higher digital standards and increased deployment of AI]
●  Trend towards more localization vs. globalisation

●  Prof. Dr. Christian C.-W. Pleister, Partner, NOERR
●  Cecilia Carrara, Partner, LEGANCE
●  Steve Wilson, Partner, OSBORNE CLARKE
●  Frederique Henriot, Director of Sales & Business Development, North America, GL EVENTS
●  William M. Taylor, Partner, PEPPER HAMILTON LLP

10:00am EDT | 4pm CET

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non-EACC Members: Free

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