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Cyber Security Threat Management during a Global Disruption like the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tue. July 07, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am


In today’s increasingly digitized world and with the economy, and the way we work being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic cyber threats are on the rise. Now that nearly all firms are working 100% remotely, hackers have gotten creative once again. Aside from the inability to adequately monitor VPN access points and usage of equipment, the fear and distraction due to the virus and the lock-down measures, create a perfect backdoor into computer systems.

Companies need to be better prepared and deploy more sophisticated strategies and solutions to protect their business now and to consistently analyze if their systems were intruded for a later attack.

This program brings together Cyber Security experts and practitioners from the U.S. and Europe to address:

Evolving Threats – Foreign and Domestic
What’s at stake - adversaries are growing in number and ability, with new technologies that will enable new security risks
●  COVID-19 will result in a permanent increase in the remote workforce, heightening exploitable and systemic vulnerabilities
●  Businesses face the challenge of securing systems in a worldwide workforce that is characterized by remote access points and distractions

Legal Exposure - Cyber-Regulations in the EU & U.S. - What's New?
●  Regulation in the EU/France
●  Regulation in the EU/UK
●  Regulation in the US (covering SEC and similar regulatory oversight, as well as GDPR/CCPA protocol compliance implications)

Breach Prevention & Management
●  What companies on both sides of the Atlantic should understand to mitigate attacks
●  How to manage a cyber-breach crisis

What can/should we do? - Internal Preparedness and Surviving the Threat
●  Keep IT & Cybersecurity teams (and 3rd party contractors) informed and engaged
●  Ensure employees do not walk off with the keys to the system
●  Implement practices to avoid inadvertent disclosures
●  Implement technological solutions - new technologies and better cyber hygiene practices
●  Establish a system for International Coordination

●  James Walker, Partner, RICHARDS KIBBE & ORBE
●  Nicholas Arpagian, VP Strategy & Public Affairs, ORANGE CYBER DEFENSE
●  Ashley Hurst, Partner, International Sector Leader, Tech, Media and Communications, OSBORNE CLARKE
●  Robert Gardner, Founding Member, NEW WORLD TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS

10:00am EST | 4:00pm CET

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