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EU-USA-CANADA Trade Triangle: A Wish List for Overcoming the Hurdles in Transatlantic Trade

Thu. April 22, 2021
10:30 am - 11:30 am


Join us for a discussion about the viability of negotiating a transatlantic trade agreement. We will be joined by three imminent experts, who themselves have successfully negotiated trade agreements. Our panel will outline what It will take to achieve a trade agreement between the EU and the US and what realistically can be done in the interim to iron out some of the hurdles that are currently inhibiting trade between the EU the US.

Based on the successfully concluded and now implemented CETA and USMCA we will evaluate what we can learn from both negotiations to reach an agreement between the two largest economies in the western world, with a close up on Flanders and Québec experiences.

We will also discuss the steps that need to be taken to bring the US and Europe back to the table to address issues like: Tariffs, Sanctions, develop workable international standards, and address the massive disruption we have faced with supply chains and how to solve this issue without retreating into opposite corners and de-globalization.

This Webinar is organized by:

●  Pierre Marc JohnsonPremier of Québec in 1985 and lawyer, Lavery
●  Geert Bourgeois, Member of the European Parliament and former Minister-President of Flanders
●  Doug Bell, US Trade Expert, EY [Moderator]

10:30am EDT / 16:30 CET

EACC Members: Free
EACC non-Members: Free


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