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The Psychology of a Crisis: Has the Pandemic changed us and if so how do we come out better?

Wed. June 23, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Even a crisis can create opportunities. It may not be apparent in the immediate wake of crises, when fear & concern is still driving our thinking that in reality we may have already entered a period of rebirth and with that an opportunity to rethink [our own and corporate] ethics, values & practices to deal with the fallout of COVID-19.

This pandemic was and is very different from other global crises, such as WWII, 9/11, or the 2008 economic meltdown, all of which had distinctive endpoints and without an endpoint the COVID-19 Pandemic poses the risk to linger.

The Pandemic induced not only economic pressure, it also showed us as a society that existing inequalities exacerbated the inequality of the experiences during the pandemic and now impacts our “return to normal”.

While we are all rightfully concerned about the “global PTSD” COVID-19 triggered across the world, there may also be reasons for optimism:

To get out of this we need to:
● ‘rethink’ our ethics, values and corporate practices
● and make this experience a turning point in history
● and with that create an opportunities for society, companies & individuals to rise to the challenge
● and focus on concrete actions to drive real change

Our panelists will explore - from a business viewpoint - how this challenge could be addressed
● with initiatives to get people together naturally or
● through guided initiatives by management to talk about the expectations going forward and
● in the rebuilding/rethinking of what we now define as ‘teams’.

Our panel will discuss how we can step outside of deep-rooted ways to tackle challenges and innovate on levels we have not thought would be possible before we were pushed to the edge.

While some of these issues will need to be solved on a societal level, businesses can “step into the gap” and create innovative structures to develop new sets of shared experiences that help heal and maybe even bridge the divide the pandemic has exposed.

Join for a discussion to explore what is next for society, companies and individuals, and get a new perspective on possible solutions and some immediate actionable insights to innovate and create value on levels we did not think possible.

Georges Ugeux, Chairman and CEO, GALILEO GLOBAL ADVISORS
Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild, Executive Director, EUROPEAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NEW YORK [Moderator]

10:00 am EDT / 16:00 CET

EACCNY Members: Free
EACCNY non-Members: Free

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