Welcome to Latvia – the presiding country of the Council of the European Union!

Latvia, as a modern and innovative European country, is fully ready to lead the work of the EU during its six month Presidency term and will work towards more competitive, digital and engaged Europe.

Latvia with its splendid qualities has become an alluring destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. Latvia, a country next to the Baltic Sea, is located between Western and Eastern Europe and that has helped it to become a real geographic hotspot. Latvia has not only one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, but it also serves as a perfect transportation hub.

Latvians are keen on creative innovations that help to shape our business sector. We dream big and are not afraid of reaching heights. If you look into the world of Latvian technology, you will definitely find some unique treasures like auto-follow drones, flying people, fascinating digital solutions and much more.

But that’s not all that Latvia has to offer. Treat yourself and dive into the magic of Latvia’s rich and abundant culture and enjoy the beauty of Latvia’s unspoilt natural treasures. With vast forests and spacious plains Latvia well deserves its label as one of the greenest countries in the world.

Latvian Presidency – steering the EU ship

Latvia takes over the Presidency of the Council of the EU in a complicated time when the EU continues to face both long-term and immediate challenges. Hand in hand with other countries we are ready to work to meet the needs of the European citizens and live in a global harmony with others.

To do that Latvian Presidency will focus on three overarching priorities: Competitive Europe, Digital Europe and Engaged Europe.

COMPETITIVE EUROPE – generating jobs and economic growth

Europe needs to enhance its entrepreneurial capacity by promoting investment in new and competitive products and services. Only by developing competitive industry and service sectors can Europe facilitate job creation, and thus also promote social cohesion. Based on Latvia’s own experience, we know that this is possible through efficient structural reforms and growth-stimulating investment measures.

What will Latvian Presidency do?

  • Work On The Investment Plan For Europe;
  • Strengthen The Single Market;
  • Establish The Energy Union;
  • Enhance Industrial Competitiveness.

DIGITAL EUROPE – a base for a truly digital Europe

Rapidly growing information technologies are providing unprecedent opportunities that have the potential to boost smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. They also present challenges that need to be addressed in order to properly seize these opportunities.

What will Latvian Presidency do?

  • Strengthen Data Protection Framework And Enhance Cybersecurity;
  • Work On Developing The Digital Single Market Strategy;
  • Advance The Telecommunications Market Package.

ENGAGED EUROPE – focus on issues of global importance

The European Union has the responsibility to assume a full and active role on the global stage. With conflict on EU’s doorstep, the situation in our Neighbourhood is as challenging as ever.

What will Latvian Presidency do?

  • Focus On The Neighbourhood Policy;
  • Conclude Negotiations On TTIP, Advance EU-Canada And EU-Japan Agreements;
  • Ensure Safety Of People – Deal With Current Threats And Develop New Internal Security Strategy;
  • Focus On Post-2015 Development Goals, Advancing Sustainable Development.

More on Latvian Presidency priorities and programme

Experience it yourself!

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You want to have a successful business and wonder why Latvia could be the perfect place for it? Among many advantages, Latvia offers:

  • Accessibility And Motivated Markets;
  • Skilled And Motivated Workforce;
  • Developed Infrastructure;
  • Macroeconomic And Political Stability;
  • Business Friendliness;
  • Cost Effectiveness;
  • Business Incentives;
  • Access To Suppliers And Resources;
  • Innovation And R&D Opportunities;
  • Quality Of Life And Much More.

Find out more on the website of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and see you in Latvia!

Click here to watch a brief video introducing the incoming Latvian Presidency
Flags hoisted at the Castle of Light to mark the opening of the Presidency
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