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Guide on the implementation of EU product rules covers the implementation of directives and includes new chapters, such as the obligations of economic operators or accreditation as well as completely revised chapters, like those on market surveillance and standardization.The EU in 2015: Major Achievements highlights the EU’s main achievements in areas such as growth and investment, the climate deal, the refugee crisis and many more. You can read the full report here.White Paper of the Future of Europe: Reflections and scenarios for the EU27 by 2025: President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU leaders write on the future of the European Union. You can read the full white paper here. EU Regulatory Scrutiny Board: Explained, click here. EU Regulatory Scrutiny Board Report 2016 – click here.

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 The EU’s response
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The EU – US Relationship:
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Europe’s Economic
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EU Banking supervision:
3,600 banks, 19 countries,
One System


The European Union through the Years: An Interactive Timeline  The SSM becomes operational

The EU in 2017


How the EU Works

60 Good Reasons for the EU

‘Strong Europe, Better World: Defending Global Cooperation, Multilateralism and Democracy in Turbulent Times’