Galien / Business France Life Sciences Workshops

The MedStartUp Program by the Galien Foundation & Business France encourages and rewards transatlantic partnerships in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. EACC New York designed a custom ½ day Workshop in collaboration with Business France as part of the annual MedStartUp Program.


–ROUNDTABLE 1: [IMIGRATION] Which Visa Is Right For You? 
–ROUNDTABLE 2: [FUNDRAISING] How to raise venture or other Funding in the United States
–ROUNDTABLE 3: [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY] What you need to know about Patent & IP
–ROUNDTABLE 4: [THE U.S FDA APPROVAL PROCESS] FDA What European Medtech and Biotech Companies should know about the FDA approval Process
–ROUNDTABLE 5 : [U.S TAX CONSIDERATIONS] U.S. Tax Considerations for International Companies
–ROUNDTABLE 7: [CREATING THE PERFECT PITCH] Communicating for an American Audience: Instances and Best Practices