EU-US Privacy Roundtable with Maximilian Schrems

On February 23, 2016 EACC New York hosted a breakfast roundtable discussion on data protection and privacy related issues affecting US & EU Trade & Investment.

Privacy Discussion-sm

Maximilian Schrems together with a US and a EU Privacy expert discussed the differences between US and EU privacy laws, the ability of private citizens to have privacy rights enforced in a global market place and how the European Court of Justice’s decision in Schrems v. Data Protection Commissioner has changed how business is being conducted by entities with operations in the United States and Europe.


Maximilian Schrems is an Austrian privacy activist whose campaign against Facebook invalidated the U.S.- E.U. Safe Harbor Framework. Schrems is the founder of a group called ‘Europe v Facebook’, he has initiated two lawsuits involving Facebook alleging that U.S. companies violate European privacy laws and transfer personal data to the US National Security Agency (NSA) as part of the NSA’s PRISM programme.

A special thank you to Francois Carrel-Billiard of the European Institute at Columbia University and the generous support of the ‘Getting to Know Europe’ program of the European Union” for making this program possible.