Breakfast Round table with Chris Buijink, President of the Dutch Bankers Association

The European American Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General of the Netherlands convened leaders from the public and private sector for a discussion with Chris Buijink, President of the Dutch Bankers Association on the future of transatlantic relations and banking.

Britain’s exit from the European Union creates challenges for European policy makers, regulators and bankers, who must soon not only find a new home for the European Banking Authority (currently located in London), but also discuss ways to continue strengthening the European and transatlantic relations and banking markets to avoid another financial crisis while also staying globally competitive.

These large tasks for the banking sector are juxtaposed by tremendous opportunities for growth in terms of financial and regulatory innovation, or FinTech. Cross border transactions and deposits have become easier and more transparent due to new technologies and regulatory convergences, which have the power to transform transatlantic banking and make it more competitive globally.

These challenges and opportunities for the future of transatlantic banking were discussed in more depth during our discussion among high level regulators and sector actors at our gathering.