A Conversation about the State of the Transatlantic Union with Pascal Lamy

A conversation with Pascal Lamy, James Knightley & Nouriel Roubini about the future of the EU with or without Britain, how Transatlantic relations may develop depending on the outcome of the US Elections and how these developments are going to affect trade and investment on either side of the Atlantic.


Pascal Lamy, one of the foremost thinkers and practitioners on trade issue in Europe and the world. After two consecutive 4 year terms at the helm of the WTO, his time as the European Commissioner for Trade, the French Minister of Finance and as an advisor think-tanks like European Horizons and Notre Europe, Mr. Lamy is in one of the most unique position to assess and comment on this incredible moment in transatlantic relations.

James Knightley, ING’s Chief International Economist. He joined the firm in 1998 and during that time has been responsible for the bank’s coverage on all the G7 and major West European economies. His main responsibilities currently are North America and the UK. James has been heavily involved in the Brexit debate in the UK, advising clients on likely macro and market effects.

Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business and the CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, LLC, a global macroeconomic consultancy firm in New York. At a 2006 address to the International Monetary Fund, Roubini warned of the impending recession due to the credit and housing market bubble. His predictions of these upside-down balance sheets became a reality in 2008, with the bubble bursting and reverberating around the world into a global financial crisis – a recession we’re only recently rebounding from after a decade climb.