Structure & Responsibilities

Our Board Members are responsible for:
• Supporting  the EACC by sharing relevant information about the EACC with their networks and initiating and/or facilitating connections with relevant companies/organizations.
•  Contributing targeted business activities and networking to the EACC, in accordance with the EACC strategic priorities and its overall mission
•  Actively helping raise the profile and visibility of the EACC locally, nationally, and internationally
•  Meeting at least every 6 months as a group to identify, plan, and accomplish programs and activities for the EACC and with the support of the EACC staff
•  participating in annual meetings and on occasion at annual EACC strategic meeting.

Profile Of Our Board Members

Our Board Members are:
• Experienced business leaders and professionals who are committed and connected to deliver on the mission of the board and the EACC
• Responsible for leading the organization’s vision and advising the staff on strategic actions.

EACCNY Board Members Board Role Professional Affiliation
James Rosener President Pepper Hamilton New York, Managing Partner
James Newlands Vice President Ernst & Young, Northeast Region Trade Leader
Amy Walsh Secretary Orrick, Partner
Kristin Malo  Director   HSBC, Senior Vice President
Sean Dowd Director Alix Partners, Managing Director
Yann Coatanlem Director (Club) Praxis, President 
Robert Baker Director  Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting
Guillaume Martinez Director President, EACC Paris