Partner Events

Partner Events

EACC’s mission is to educate the local business community about transatlantic affairs and business matters. Below is a selection of Partner events, organised by our members and partners which we believe you may find of interest.

Drawing on the expertise of our members we are able to provide a highly engaged transatlantic platform to exchange ideas and network with fellow senior executives from the US and Europe. To stay informed about our programs join our mailing list.

If you are a EACC member and don’t see your program listed below, please contact the EACCNY’s Membership Engagement Associate and we will be sure to include you going forward.

Webinar | COVID-19: the Game Changer in Distressed M&A

Responses of the European governments to the COVID-19 pandemic and the liquidity crunch (and economic crisis that ensued) have differed: from full lock down to no-lock down; from massive recourse to the state-guaranteed loans to other forms of subsidies.

Webinar | 2020 Class Action Litigation Review

This complimentary webinar hosted by Troutman Pepper class action litigators examines recent developments in class action litigation in 2020 and provide insights on what the future holds.

Webinar | Free Speech in the COVID-19 Workplace

This complementary webinar is hosted by Troutman Pepper. With the COVID-19 pandemic now extending into the fall and the presidential election fast approaching, tensions are high and employees - whether working remotely or at a physical worksite - are speaking out about issues of critical societal importance.

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