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EACCNY Brexit Musings

For this initiative, the European American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) in New York asked members from across various industries to ‘muse’ about the now imminent Brexit.

The idea for these insights was to mentally play through different scenarios – a comprehensive deal, or a crash out at the end of 2020 – on a few select business issues that will be effected by Brexit, and to outline the consequences each possible outcome could have.

We hope you will enjoy the EACCNY Brexit Musings!

Episode 13: Dissecting the Brexit Negotiations & U.S. Elections with FTI Consulting

In this episode of the “EACCNY Brexit Musings”, we will hear from Alex DeaneSenior Managing Director & Head of UK Public Affairs at FTI CONSULTING and Dr. Erica Elliott RichardsonManaging Director in the FTI CONSULTING US Public Affairs practice. Their discussion will begin with a deep dive into where negotiations have currently got to and what this means for expectations for 3rd party deals and for others. Alex and Erica will then muse on the ramifications that the US Elections have on Brexit relations and what the outcome means for both the UK and the EU. Who are the winners and losers? Which sectors will benefit the most? What does this mean for UK/US trade relations? Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Episode 12: Exploring Export Controls & Sanctions Post-Brexit with FTI Consulting

In this “Brexit Musing,” we will hear from Ollie Welch of FTI CONSULTING’s Public Affairs Practice along with Jim Huish who heads up the EMEA Export Controls and Sanctions Practice both based in London.  Ollie and Jim will walk us through the impact of Brexit on the Export Controls and Sanctions arena in relation to industry, measures already taken and some of the practical implications that are fast becoming focus areas in the build up to the end of the year.

Episode 11: Immigration and Mobility of UK & US Nationals Post-Brexit with Faegre Drinker

As an extension to Episode 9 of our “Brexit Musings” series, Claire Nilson and Sari Long from FAEGRE DRINKER will discuss immigration/mobility from the other side of the pond. They will muse about immigration from the US and UK perspective and what you and your business should think about in the run-up to Brexit.

Episode 10: A Look at Commercial Pricing Post-Brexit with EY

In this “Brexit Musing” Episode, we will hear from Euan Holms and Sally Jones from ERNST & YOUNG.  In Sally’s discussion with Euan, who is EY’s expert on commercial pricing in the EMEIA region, they will provide an in-depth overview on how you and your business should manage and mitigate cost changes come the end of the transition period on December 31.

Episode 9: Immigration and Mobility of UK & EU Nationals Post-Brexit with Osborne Clarke

In this “Brexit Musings” episode, Gavin Jones and Vinciane Rysselink from Osborne Clarke – the international law firm, discuss Brexit and how that impacts UK/EU nationals and US firms with UK/EU offices. Focusing on immigration/mobility, they discuss what can and should UK/EU nationals do now to secure their residence – and why that is important.  They look at what the practical impact of Brexit means to servicing clients across the region and also what should employees/employers be looking to prepare for in the months to come.

Episode 8: The Impact of Brexit on Blockchain and Digital Currencies with TAXMAP

In this “Brexit Musing” episode,F. Elusio Zafar Alcalde, CEO & Founder of TAXMAP Inc., will discuss the impact of Brexit on Blockchain and Digital Currencies.

Episode 7: The issue of financial equivalence post-Brexit with the CEO of Galileo Global Advisors

In this episode of the “EACCNY Brexit Musings”, Isabel Verkes interviews Georges Ugeux, as he gives his views on what to expect from the financial sector post-Brexit. Georges is Chairman and CEO of GALILEO GLOBAL ADVISORS and adjunct professor at COLUMBIA LAW SCHOOL. Isabel is a research associate at the same firm.

Episode 6: Time to get real – a practical guide to Brexit with EY

In this episode of the “EACCNY Brexit Musings”, Sally Jones, the UK Brexit and Trade Strategy Lead at ERNST & YOUNG, will take you through the ten key Brexit domains (goods and customs; supply chain; trade in services; talent; IT systems; legal; regulatory; commercial; Ireland; and tax and finance) and set out some of the operational actions every business that trades in or with the UK needs to take. She is joined by her colleague, Adam Fraser, the Business Development leader for EY’s Brexit team in the UK.

Episode 5: Diving into Brexit with Bannockburn and Bloomberg

In this episode of the “EACCNY Brexit Musings”, we will hear from Marc ChandlerManaging Director & Chief Markets Strategist at BANNOCKBURN GLOBAL FOREX and Kathleen HaysGlobal Economics and Policy Editor for BLOOMBERG TV & RADIO. Their discussion will focus on the far-reaching implications of Brexit on the sterling and Foreign Exchange Market. Starting with a chat on the near-term disruption of Brexit on January 1, Marc and Kathleen will then “muse” about what it may look like five years or so down the road. Does the independence from the EU cost it to lose Scotland?  Northern Ireland?  Does sterling become more of less important of a global currency? Is its per capita GDP going be rising faster or slower?  Will a new financial center(s) on the Continent erode London’s status.  In a world that is dominated by the size of few large economies, the US, China, the EU, Japan, India, what is the role of the UK?

Episode 4: The Northern Irish Protocol with Lucinda Creighton at Vulcan Consulting

This episode of the “EACCNY Brexit Musings” series explores the impact of the Northern Irish Protocol on the Withdrawal Agreement and delves deeper into the various outcomes and consequences of Brexit. Our speaker today is Lucinda Creighton, CEO of VULCAN CONSULTING, who is also a former Irish Minister for European Affairs, and Member of the Irish Parliament; who is accompanied by her colleague, Scott McCulloch in a Q&A discussion.

Episode 3: Studying your Physical & Financial Supply Chains with EEE Corporate Group

This episode of the EACCNY Brexit Musings features Nemanja Eckert, Chief Risk Advisor for EEE CORPORATE GROUP LLC; and a discussion on the need for proper preparation to your physical and, more importantly, your financial supply chains with Brexit.

Episode 2: The Republic of Ireland & Brexit

In this episode of the EACCNY Brexit Musings series, it is clear that planning for the future requires analysis of the present, however a plan without resources and execution is just an hallucination. Hear from Ciaran Madden, Ireland’s Consul General in NY, and Sean Davis, the Regional Director for Enterprise Ireland North America on the work taking place across the Irish political and commercial ecosystems executing plans to prepare for whatever scenario Brexit may bring.

Episode 1: A discussion of VAT in the light of Brexit by Andersen Tax

In this episode of our “Brexit Musings” Series, we discussed the impact of Brexit on value-added tax (VAT) with our members from Andersen Tax: Benno Tamminga and Sarah Shears. They will explore how to navigate the UK since the UK will be leaving the EU Single Market and Customs Union, and the new customs border between the UK and EU starting January 1, 2021. Benno and Sarah will discuss the impact of Brexit on VAT within the context of US businesses, what immediate action should be taken and other issues for consideration.


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