EACCNY Committees


   ● Contribute targeted business activities and networking to the EACC, in accordance with the EACC strategic priorities and its overall mission
   ● Raise the profile and visibility of the EACC locally, nationally and internationally
   ● Meet at least quarterly as a committee to identify, plan, and accomplish programs and activities for the EACC and with the support of the EACC staff
   ● Committee leaders or their designated representative participate in bi-annual committee leaders’ meetings and annual EACC strategic meeting



   ● Are experienced business leaders and professionals who are committed and connected to deliver on the mission of their committee and the EACC
   ● Agree to represent and support EACC within their company and any other relevant organization they are associated with

Term & Succession Plan:

   ● Terms for committee members and leaders are determined by committees and communicated to EACC
   ● Succession plan is determined and communicate to the EACC by committees

Selection & Qualification:

   ● Committees define a selection process to attract and welcome active new members
   ● Committee members and leaders must be members of the EACC (join the EACC)


   ● Attend and participate in committee meetings
   ● Contribute to the mission of committee and EACC by taking leadership roles in committee projects
   ● Promote and attend programs and events organized by its committee