EACC New York Committees


A Focus on Member Engagement

We encourage our members to engage with us on many levels to make their membership a meaningful and profitable experience. We have identified topics that are of key interest to our audience, and developed special committees to address issues most relevant to their business.

These member-driven committees provide a platform for subject-matter experts within the membership to exchange ideas and insights on certain topics. Additionally, in coordination with EACC Staff, these committees develop topical programs to educate our members, and the Tri-State region business community on relevant transatlantic trade and investment matters.

Our committees group together members with similar backgrounds and interests to organize events ranging from educational seminars and panel discussions or workshops, to focused group discussions. These committees allow the EACCNY members to be involved active in the organization and, similarly, helps the EACCNY adapt to the needs of its members.

Committee Structure

  • Contribute targeted business activities and networking to the EACC, in accordance with the EACC strategic priorities and its overall mission
  • Raise the profile and visibility of the EACC locally, nationally and internationally
  • Meet at least quarterly as a committee to identify, plan, and accomplish programs and activities for the EACC and with the support of the EACC staff
  • Committee leaders or their designated representative participate in bi-annual committee leaders’ meetings and annual EACC strategic meeting

Committee Members


  • Are experienced business leaders and professionals who are committed and connected to deliver on the mission of their committee and the EACC
  • Agree to represent and support EACC within their company and any other relevant organization they are associated with

Term & Succession Plan:

  • Terms for committee members and leaders are determined by committees and communicated to EACC
  • Succession plan is determined and communicate to the EACC by committees

Selection & Qualification:

  • Committees define a selection process to attract and welcome active new members
  • Committee members and leaders must be members of the EACC (join the EACC)


  • Attend and participate in committee meetings
  • Contribute to the mission of committee and EACC by taking leadership roles in committee projects
  • Promote and attend programs and events organized by its committee

EACCNY Committees

Please do reach out if you are interested in joining an EACCNY committee or working group. Note that an executive membership is required to be eligible to be selected for a committee role.

We look forward to hearing from you!