Podcast: Future of Finance

For this initiative, the EACCNY reached out to a number of European and American c-suite executives representing major Financial Institutions and asked them what innovation they are seeing in their industry in the near term [post-Covid19], and longer-term – including areas of business and processes that may need to be completely rethought.

We hope you will enjoy what our members have put together!

6. Future of Finance: Banking Culture & Conduct – Why it Still Matters

This episode of “A look into the Crystal Ball on the Future of Finance,” features William “Bill” Rhodes [top], Former Chairman & CEO of CITIBANK, and current President & CEO of WILLIAM R. RHODES GLOBAL ADVISORS, and Dr. Stuart P.M. Mackintosh [bottom], Executive Director of the GROUP OF THIRTY. In this high-level conversation, you will hear about the everchanging banking culture & conduct landscape on both sides of the Atlantic, and how financial institutions must adapt to incorporate new challenges, such as climate change, crypto, and digital currencies, in their culture & conduct operations.

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5. Can AI Heal Cognitive Dissonance in Data Analytics with Armando Gonzalez, CEO of RavenPack

In this episode of “A look into the Crystal Ball on the Future of Finance,” hear Armando Gonzalez [top], CEO & Founder of RAVENPACK, and Andrea Fiano [bottom], Editor of GLOBAL FINANCE MAGAZINE, discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the huge amounts of data we have at our fingertips can be utilized to measure sentiment; additionally, how AI may be able to counteract (for now) the inevitable effect of cognitive dissonance of the human analysis. Enjoy!

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4. Addressing Climate Risks with Eila Kreivi, Head of Capital Markets at the EIB

In this episode of “A look into the Crystal Ball on the Future of Finance,” hear from Eila Kreivi [top], Head of Capital Markets at the EIB, as she speaks with Jayme Colosimo [bottom], Global Lead ESG & Head of North America, Business Advisory Services, Markets at CITIGROUP. Their discussion focuses around how the EIB is aligning investments with the Paris Climate Accord and the European Taxonomy, as well as the development of technical screening criteria to make sure the investments are measurable and compliant with the set ESG requirements.

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3. The Future of Collateral with Brian Ruane, CEO of BNY Mellon’s Collateral Management

In this episode of “A look into the Crystal Ball on the Future of Finance,” listen to Brian Ruane [top], CEO  of BNY MELLON’s Government Securities Services Corp. and Clearance & Collateral Management; as he speaks with Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild [bottom], Executive Director of the EACCNY.  Brian will walk us through BNY Mellon’s $4 trillion Clearance & Collateral Management business and how the collateral market is transforming the financial space since the start of the pandemic, and on both sides of the Atlantic.

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2. The Digital Customer with David Rice COO, HSBC Wholesale Bank

In this episode of “A look into the Crystal Ball on the Future of Finance,” “listen to David Rice [top], COO of HSBC’s WHOLESALE BANK, speak with Daniel Bases [bottom], Managing Editor at LATINFINANCE as they discuss the Bank’s digital transformation, the need for trust in a digital economy, “Ubiquitous banking,” the customer of the future, and more!

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1. Sustainability with Gerald Walker CEO of ING Americas

To start of our series: “A look into the Crystal Ball on the Future of Finance,” hear from Gerald Walker [top], CEO of ING AMERICAS, along with Richard Beales [bottom], Global Deputy Editor at REUTERS BREAKINGVIEWS as they discuss forward-looking innovation in sustainable finance. The podcast will address the challenges of implementation and how the Pandemic accelerated the shift towards sustainable financing? And more!

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