Specialty Workshops

Specialty Workshops

The European American Chamber of Commerce New York® (EACCNY) together with its members has developed a specialty workshop series to help European executives better understand the U.S. business environment and American companies the European market and the requirements necessary to successfully do business on either side of the Atlantic.

These workshops are highly personalized and tailored to the specific requests and needs of individual companies (or groups of companies traveling as part of a trade mission). Our hand-picked panelists address issues relevant to expanding your business into the U.S. or Europe or starting a business on either side of the Atlantic.

To select the right panelist(s) for each group we are able to reach into a diverse network of subject-matter experts from first rate organizations. Their expertise includes business consulting, legal matters, immigration, import/ export advice government incentives, insights on custom & logistics, trade finance/other funding sources, product safety/labeling, licensing, trade finance, PR/marketing /communications, tax planning, employment, intellectual property as well as specialty subjects such as fintech and bio- & med-tech, food, fashion and more.

Our workshops provide company owners & executives, and government representatives an opportunity to meet and discuss their expansion plans with high-level experts. These workshops offer a private tailor-made one-on-one platform for discussion and hands-on advice and information invaluable to expand overseas and develop new markets for your products and services.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs, call us at 212-808-2707 or email: ybr[at]eaccny.com. We would be happy to work with you and plan a targeted workshop for your own group to provide them with the resources and information they need to expand either into the United States or Europe.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Upcoming workshops:

To be announced shortly!

Some of the workshops we proudly held in the past include:

Workshop for EU Team Meeting of the U.S. International Trade Administration

  • EACC’s New York Chapter in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce organized an on-line training series specially tailored for U.S. Trade Commissioners stationed in Europe and some of their U.S. colleagues. Topics addresses included: Transatlantic Economy, Supply Chain, Transatlantic Trade, Medical Device Regulation, Cyber Security, and Digitalization.
  • The following EACC NY members and partners presented:
    • Moreno Bertoldi, Head of the Economic and Financial Section, EU DELEGATION TO THE UNITED STATES
    • Shamik Dhar, Chief Economist, BNY MELLON INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
    • Lucinda Creighton, Chief Executive Officer, VULCAN CONSULTING
    • Douglass Bell, Global Trade Policy Leader, EY
    • Judith O’Grady, Partner, TROUTMAN PEPPER
    • Ariadna Casanueva, Senior Associate, CUATRECASAS
    • Joe DeMarco, Partner, DEVORE & DEMARCO
    • Giulio Novellini, Counsel, PORTOLANO CAVALLO
    • Kadian Douglas, Principal, CLIFTON LARSON ALLEN
    • Peter Fatelnig, Minister-Counsellor for Digital Economy Policy, DELEGATION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    • Nicolas Fasoli, Strategic Innovation Designer, MJV TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION

Compliance Workshop Series for European & American Banks Operating in the U.S.

  • The purpose of this workshop is to help European and US Banks to stay on top of regulatory and compliance related issues.
  • The workshop will cover issues related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, OFAC, Anti-Money Laundering, and Cyber Security and help participants understand the issues, what is at stake and how to implement the learned insights in their day to day work.  Read the full workshop agenda HERE.

Meeting with Finnish Growth Companies

  • The Consulate General of Finland in New York organized a two day program for Finnish growth companies in New York. EACCNY’s Executive Director presented an overview of the U.S. market for European products, as well as opportunities and available resources in the relevant sectors represented by the group.

Special Hearing & Discussion on E.U. Trade Barriers for SME’s

  • The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) is running a study on E.U. trade barriers faced by SMEs. The study will be used to assist the United States with its negotiations with the E.U. on a wide range of trade policy issues. The EACCNY®assisted with an outreach campaign to help publicize this hearing to engage SME’s in the Tristate area to participate and share their insights and experience with transatlantic trade and the obstacles they face in their daily business.
  • Hearing participants included: Top-level US Negotiators of the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) and senior executives of SME’s including a number of EACC member companies located in the Tristate area.

Workshop for EU Team Meeting of the U.S. International Trade Administration

  • EACC’s New York Chapter in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce organized a half-day training session specially tailored for visiting U.S. Trade Commissioners stationed in Europe and some of their U.S. colleagues. Topics addresses included: Foreign Exchange, Value-Added Tax, Safe Harbor, EU Market Entry and Food Security.
  • The following EACC NY members presented:
    • Michael Lucente, Managing Partner, BANNOCKBURN GLOBAL FOREX
    • Luciano Centanni, Director, International Business Center – Europe, Middle East & Africa, GRANT THORNTON LLP
    • Sam Abbing, Partner, TAXPERIENCE
    • Michael R. Graif, Partner, CURTIS, MALLET-PREVOST, COLT & MOSLE LLP
    • Wendy Piergolam, Vice President International Desk, ORANGEFIELD GROUP
    • Josephine Belli, Partner, GOLDBERG SEGALLA LLP

Private Workshop for Swiss Fintech Delegation

  • In cooperation with Enterprise Switzerland, EACC is organizing a workshop for Financial Technology companies traveling to New York to meet executives to exchange ideas and expertise.
  • The program covered:
    • Legal aspects relevant to FinTech companies when entering the U.S. market
    • What you need to know when looking for funding and working with U.S. Investors
    • U.S. Work & Investor Visa Types/Options for intra-company transfers
  •  The following EACC NY Members presented:
    • Sara B. Levin, Esq, Partner, LEVIN SANTALONE LLP
    • Anne Wolfson, Principal, ANNE WOLFSON PLLC

Private Workshop for Danish Delegation representing the Organic Food Sector

  • In cooperation with Organic Denmark, EACC New York hosted a workshop: What you need to know about the US (Organic Food) Market. The Program covered:
    • The US Food Market: Suggestions, Advice, Do’s & Don’ts
    • Legal Aspects of an Expansion/Selling into the US Market, including: Regulation Overview on Market Barriers & Opportunities incl. relevant agencies for food product imports to the US; Compliance standards – FDA registration, USDA and FSIS protocol; and Organic certification
    • Developing Business Intelligence for Entering the U.S. Organic Food Market
  • The following EACCNY Members presented:
    • Lea Brnjar, Associate & Frank J. Ciano, Partner, GOLDBERG SEGALLA
    • Deborah Quinn, VP of Research Design & Edward Bettigole, President, FUSION CONSULTING GROUP
    • Michael Sas, President, ACROSS FOODS

New York-Paris Business Exchange Workshops

  • In cooperation with the NYC-Paris Business Exchange Program, EACC New York hosted a workshop to help Paris based companies enter the US market with their products and services. The Program Covered:
    • Re-Start(-up): Expanding Your Business into the U.S; The U.S. startup environment, The New York Startup community, The fundamentals and challenges of building a startup in the U.S.
    • VCs and Other Funding Options; Things you should know about ‘Cross-border startups’, The U.S. landscape of funding options for early stage companies – friends and family, incubators, VC investors, debt providers
    • Tax Issues as they relate to Incorporating and Fundraising; Ways to incorporate your business in the U.S. and the Tax implications of investing through a C corporation, Subsidiary, LLC, or a Partnership
  • The following EACCNY Members presented:
    • Tom Pitegoff, Counsel, LECLAIR RYAN
    • James Robbins, Principal Int’l Tax, MARKS PANETH LLP
    • John A. Rogers, Partner, PEPPER HAMILTON LLP

Med-tech Workshop as part of Business France’s MedStartUp Program

  • EACCNY designed a custom half-day Workshop in collaboration with Business France as part of their annual MedStartUp Program – a collaboration with the Galien Foundation.
  • Agenda items included:
    • Work Culture: Avoiding Culture Shock
    • Pitch like an American
    • Legal Issues to consider when entering or operating in the US market
    • Funding Resources
    • Understanding The U.S. Medtech/Biotech & Life Science Marketplace & Eco System
  • The presentations were followed by a moderated conversation with European med-tech & bio tech companies, that have succeeded in the United States.
  • The following EACCNY Members presented:
    • Julia McNamara, President, THE GLOBAL EXECUTIVE
    • Kenneth King, Partner, PEPPER HAMILTON LLP
    • Andrew P. Zappia, Partner, LECLAIRRYAN
    • John Piret, Managing Director, NEWBURY PIRET,
    • John Rogers, Partner, PEPPER HAMILTON, LLP
    • Sam Natapoff, President, EMPIRE GLOBAL VENTURES
    • Brigitte Gambini, Avocat à la Cour, Paris, LICENSED LEGAL CONSULTANT, NEW YORK
    • John Lanza, Partner, National Life Science Practice Leader, RSM US LLC

Selling Food into the US Marketplace: A Workshop for Lithuanian Food & Beverage Companies and Associations

  • The EACC designed a comprehensive workshop for Lithuanian food and beverage companies looking to expand into the US Market, with topics such as:
    • The US Food Market: Suggestions, Do’s & Don’ts
    • The legal aspects of an expansion/selling into the US Market – General Import Requirements for Food/Agricultural Products
    • Marketing/Design/Market Analysis
  • The following EACCNY Members presented:
    • Michael Sas, President, ACROSS FOODS
    • Arthur Bodek, Partner, GDLSK
    • Gabriel Zangari, Design and Managing Director, Design Group Italia

Doing Business in Europe Webinar Series: Privacy Shield

  • DETAILED AGENDA: Regulatory Framework: How the privacy shield inter-plays with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Effects on US Companies, and Concrete Legal Issues
    • Federica de Santis,Associate, Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale
    • Grace Harter, Policy Analyst, US Department of Commerce
    • Nathalie Moreno, Partner, Lewis Silkin
    • Angelo Stio, Partner, Pepper Hamilton, LLP
  •  To view recorded webinar, click here.

Doing Business in Europe Webinar Series: VAT

  • The purpose of this workshop is to better understand how the European Value Added Tax System (VAT) works, and the implications of Value Added Tax for U.S. companies when exporting goods or providing services into Europe.
    • What is VAT, and how does it apply to your business?
    • Compliance related topics
    • Exporting into the EU: differences from country to country
    • What US companies should know
    • Hans van Loenen, VAT Director, RSM Global
    • Duncan Stocks, USA VAT Director, RSM Global
  •  To view recorded webinar, click here.

Doing Business in Europe Webinar: CE Markings // What US Manufacturers Need to know about CE Markings

  • The speaker/s of this program will discuss what US manufacturers should know about CE Markings, including:
    • Comparison between US and EU Standards & Compliance
    • What do U.S. manufacturers need to know about testing & certification requirement
    • Recent changes in the law and newly enacted requirements
    • What are the recent updates in market surveillance activities in the European Union, and what should US companies know? From sales bans to fines
    • European product law system of European and national law
    • CE markings in the context of legal requirements for placing products onto the market
    • Responsibility for CE markings – the role of different economic operators
    • Possible consequences of wrong CE marking
    • Dr. Susanne Wende, Lawyer, Noerr
    • Robert P. Straetz, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce
  •  To view the recorded webinar, click here.

What you Need to Know about the United States Life Sciences Ecosystem  as part of Business France’s MedStartUp Program

  • DETAILED AGENDA: Roundtable topics:
    • [IMMIGRATION] Which Visa Is Right For You?
    • [FUNDRAISING] How to raise venture or other Funding in the United States
    • [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY] What you need to know about Patent & IP
    • [THE U.S FDA APPROVAL PROCESS] FDA What European Medtech and Biotech Companies should know about the FDA approval Process
    • [U.S TAX CONSIDERATIONS] U.S. Tax Considerations for International Companies
    • [CREATING THE PERFECT PITCH] Communicating for an American Audience: Instances and Best Practices
    • Keynote: The 10 Fundraising Resources You Don’t Want to Miss
    • Investors Panel: Fundraising: Why it is important to see Global?
    • Networking Cocktail Reception
    • Dana DiRaimondo, Partner, Sarah Schroeder, Partner, DIRAIMONDO & SCHROEDER BOUTIQUE IMMIGRATION SERVICES
    • Curtis Best, Partner, MARKS PANETH LLP
    • Jennifer Fang, Senior Associate, WILSON SONSINI GOODRICH & ROSATI
    • Ash Patel, Partner, and EJ Joswick, Partner, THOMPSON HINE
    • David M. Santangelo, Of Counsel, PEPPER HAMILTON
    • Linda Phelan Dyson, Executive Vice President, LIFE SCI PUBLIC RELATIONS
    • Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO,LIFE SCIENCES NATION, Creator of RESI CONFERENCE

If you wish to arrange a workshop for your own group, call us at 212-382-7025 or email marketing[at]eaccny.com. We will be delighted to design a workshop that fits your particular needs.