EACC Past Webinars: An Archive

With the COVID-19 pandemic preventing us from hosting live seminars, The European American Chamber of Commerce® has switched to virtual programming. Below is a summary of the webinars we have hosted since the Spring of 2020, ranging from in-depth macro economic analysis to panel discussions focusing on legal, trade, investment and financial issues relevant to companies like yours doing business on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our panels  feature industry leaders who help us address issues like the US & EU financial services & markets, legal issues and taxation, Brexit, Real Estate, Technology & Innovation, Private Equity & Hedge Funds, M&A, Privacy, the General Economy, Energy & Environmental topics, Investment Promotion, as well as a number of news-makers and relevant EU & US government officials.

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EU & US Tax Update: What's New & What You Need to Know Now

Join us for an update on major tax developments across Europe and in the United States with experts on U.S. Government Tax, from the OECD, and the EU Commission.


Transatlantic Collaboration on EV Batteries and their Role in the Green Energy Transition

Join us for a diverse panel of industry, private sector and government experts to hear how the energy industry is developing in the US, Canada and Europe. This includes a welcome message by the Ambassador of Slovakia, Mr. Radovan Javorčík. Enjoy!

Quarterly EU Economic Update: "A Rocky Road to Recovery"

Join us for an in-depth analysis of the European economy and the newly released Autumn 2021 Economic Forecast. Our panel will discuss the recent economic data and public policy developments through mid-October and weighs the prospects for European and global growth against a range of potential risks.

Europe Post Merkel: Angela Merkel’s Impact on the EU & Transatlantic Politics

Our Panel will discuss how Germany’s political transition will affect the country, Europe and transatlantic relations in a time when the international order is unprecedented flux due to the rise of China and the global agenda is overloaded with such massive challenges.

US & Canada Immigration & Travel Ban Update for International Travelers

Join us for an update on the state of travel restrictions and immigration challenges European and other Nationals encounter and have to prepare for when traveling to the U.S. & Canada. This includes information on visa processing delays and other challenges foreign nationals face who are trying to work in the U.S. or Canada.

Responsible Capitalism – The ESG Integration Balancing Act

How are companies balancing the bottom-line with environmentally and socially responsible governance? Other topics include: Integration of ESG into business strategy and compliance programs; Understanding and applying ESG standards and regulations; Developing ESG metrics; ESG Pitfalls.

Patentability of AI Driven Inventions: The Push for Legislature to Play Catch up

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more to develop new inventions without human aid. But as AI capabilities increase at a rapid pace, patent offices and business leaders around the world face a changing landscape. Learn more here!

Post-COVID Recovery Programs: The US and the EU Strategies

Both the EU and the US recovery plans will present a multitude of opportunities for US and European investors to participate in the execution of these projects, engage with partners on the ground on either side of the Atlantic and by offering or accessing funding. Join us to hear what YOU need to know and how to get involved.

The Psychology of a Crisis: Has the Pandemic changed us? How do we come out better?

Even a crisis can create opportunities. It may not be apparent in the immediate wake of crises, when fear & concern is still driving our thinking that in reality we may have already entered a period of rebirth and with that an opportunity to rethink [our own and corporate] ethics, values & practices to deal with the fallout of COVID-19.

The Power Of Transatlantic Cooperation: How EU & US Innovators Joined to Fight Against the Pandemic

Hear about challenges they faced and how they addressed these obstacles together with newly found partners on the other side of the Atlantic. Their experience is a testament to the strength of EU-US collaboration, join us and hear how they did it!

The Effects of a Wandering Workforce on the Taxation of Corporations and Their Employees

Please join us for a discussion on the challenges that come with a remote workforce and the need to reevaluate the steps taken around staff assignments, planning and other key issues as businesses focus on their new operating models.

Hear the EU's Executive VP and Commissioner for Trade, on EU-US Trade & Economic Relations

Join us for an exclusive discussion with H.E. Valdis Dombrovskis, the European Union’s Executive Vice President and Trade Commissioner, on how the world’s biggest economic region will attempt to narrow the growth gap in coming months.

The Post-Pandemic Recovery - Ready for the ‘Roaring Twenties’?

Join us for a webinar with the European Commission to discuss the EU’s latest economic forecast and learn how Europe is turning the page on the pandemic and reshaping its economic governance to be better prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

COVID-19, A Hard Look Back & A Look Ahead

What are the lessons of the last 18 months? What could we have done better? What has our experience of the Covid pandemic taught us about how to prepare for the next global shock? This webinar features: Magdalena Andersson, Pierre Moscovici, Rolf Alter & Eduardo Porter.

EU-USA-CANADA Trade Triangle: A Wish List for Overcoming the Hurdles

Join us for a discussion about the viability of negotiating a transatlantic trade agreement. We will be joined by three imminent experts, Pierre Marc Johnson, Geert Bourgeois and Doug Bell, who themselves have successfully negotiated trade agreements. Watch here to learn more!

The New Post-COVID Supply Chain Paradigm

Our experts will analyze the effects on demand patterns and supply chain management globally and which of the new routines are here to stay. You will learn how to best prepare for future challenges and what crisis-management mechanisms to develop and how can companies mitigate future risk.

The Future of Trade: How can the EU & U.S. rewrite the post-COVID trade agenda

Hear from Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus of the JACQUES DELORS INSTITUTE &  Former WTO DG WTO; Bill Reinsch, Senior Adviser & Scholl Chair in International Business at the CSIS, & Former President, NATIONAL FOREIGN TRADE COUNCIL; & Jonathan Hackenbroich, Policy Fellow, ECFR.

EU Medium-Term Economic Outlook: Vaccine & New Policy Developments

Join us for an overview of the latest EU economic outlook. Top European economic experts Kris Orsini and Ben Carliner will walk you through the recent economic data, discuss the outlook, and explain how the EU’s recovery and reform agendas go hand in hand.

Brexit Deal Done: A Look Ahead on EU & UK Relations with Stefaan De Rynck

Join us for first hand insights on Britain’s Exit from the European Union with Stefaan De Rynck, Senior Adviser to Michel Barnier the Chief Negotiator for Brexit at the EU Commission.This program is a must-attend for all U.S. and European companies that need to know about the consequences Brexit.

What to do with your Office Space in a post COVID-19 World?

Join us for an update on the real estate market trend lines in New York to learn what you need to know now and to best strategize leasing [and selling] your office space in the post COVID economy and how you can manage your office space needs wisely in the current real estate market.

The Future of the Transatlantic Relationship with the New US Administration

Join us for a discussion with H.E. Stavros Lambrinidis, the EU Ambassador to the U.S., about the outlook for transatlantic relations under the Biden-Harris Presidency; and moderated by Rufus Gifford, Former Deputy Campaign Manager, BIDEN2020, Former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark.

Year-End Economic Update from Europe & Outlook on Transatlantic Trade

Join us for an update on the EU economic situation and outlook. As Europe struggles with the much feared second wave of the pandemic, we discussed the state of play of the EU recovery package and the way forward. This webinar is funded by the European Commission.

Webinar on Commercial Real Estate in 2021 and Beyond

Our panel of two Real Estate Heavy Weights provided a data-packed update on the developments in both the retail and office sector as well as the effect on the corporate bond market. Who survived and why? What lessons have we learned? Where are the opportunities in 2021?

Transatlantic Trade Update: Trade Post-COVID19 – What’s New?

Join us for a Look Ahead for Trans-Atlantic trade, how it is affected by COVID-19 and how EU-U.S. Trade may change after the Pandemic resolves, with the new US Administration and with Brexit only weeks away.  Join us for this highly topical conversation!

Fund Structuring across the EU: “Why my jurisdiction is better than yours!”

Join us for a highly interactive session of panelists from different EU jurisdictions to make the case for “their” jurisdiction and “compete” against each other by comparing the pros and cons to convince the audience why their country is more attractive to invest, based on 3 scenarios we selected.

Brexit Straight from the Source with John Bruton & Christian Noyer

As we get close to the December 31 Brexit deadline, join us for a Brexit Update with John Bruton, former Taoiseach, Irish Prime Minister, and the first EU Ambassador to the United States along with Christian Noyer, Former Governor Banque de France and First VP of the ECB.

2020 Wrap-up: EU’s Agenda on Regulatory, Economic, and Financial Issues

Recent changes to the regulatory landscape in Europe and the U.S. are bound to impact the global economy. This webinar addresses key components in how best to handle cross-border matters today, while navigating the legal and financial obstacles across the two continents.

Life Sciences & COVID: what has changed & what you need to know to succeed?

This is a discussion on how the life science sector has evolved during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our panel of experts shared their perspectives on how COVID-19 has impacted deal making in the life sciences sector, the changing regulatory landscape and emerging trends/opportunities.

Financial Planning & US Tax for Multi-National Families

Our panel covered topics such as: Pre-Immigration Tax Planning; U.S. Income tax issues for U.S. non-citizen/non-residents; Expatriation Planning; Income, Gift, & Estate Planning; U.S. Exit Tax Rules and more. The panel comprised of a tax, legal and financial expert from within our membership.

Post-G20 Summit Update on EU and US Tax Regulations: What will Change in Global Tax?

Join for a hot-off-the-press update on global tax regulation on the day after the G20 Summit with experts from the OECD, the EU Commission and a U.S. Government Tax Insider. Our distinguished panelists will discuss OECD, EU, and US Tax Reforms discussed at the G20 meetings, and more!

Managing Cross Border Investigations during a Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the lingering shutdowns continue to have a significant and, in some cases, an increasingly halting effect on cross-border investigations. Our experts from both sides of the Atlantic will discuss the regulatory developments, practical considerations in this new “Normal.”

What are the legal FDI implications of COVID-19 in Europe and the U.S.

COVID-19 has not only significantly slowed down social life, but economies as well. All over the world, authorities have to balance between protecting their nation’s economies and stimulating recovery, while still allowing for collaboration and cross-border trade and investments.

Diversity Awareness: The Unconscious Bias of Voice and Accent

Join us for an interactive discussion, where we explored what people think of as the “voice of leadership” and begin to understand some of the biases that can develop as we listen to different voices, speech patterns, communication styles, and accents.

Navigating the Recovery: How Europe Is Coming Out Stronger from the Pandemic

The road to recovery remains beset with challenges, but the EU will come out stronger from the pandemic recession. Join top EU economists in Washington, D.C. discuss the outlook for the EU economy, the key measures taken by the EU, and some of the risks facing the economic recovery.

Revisiting the Playbook for Retail, Office and Corporate Bonds Post-COVID-19

The economic shutdown resulting from the pandemic has recast key sectors in commercial real estate and has chilled the corporate bond markets.  What are the short term implications to participants within these sectors and which ones will survive?  What lessons have we learned? and more!

The ECJ Privacy Ruling Explained by Max Schrems and 3 Top EU & US Privacy Experts

We bring back our Privacy Shield Regulation roundtable to explain the decision by the European Court of Justice and what the ruling means for European and U.S. companies and consumers and what you need to know now and do next based on the July 16, 2020 ruling.

Visa Options for Europeans and Canadians in the Age of COVID-19

As of April 22, 2020, a temporarily halt of all immigration known as the “COVID-19 proclamation” came into effect; suspending all routine visa services at U.S. embassies and consulates. This measure has had a significant impact on the lives of immigrants living legally in the U.S.

Will Return to Work take us Back or to the Future?

What to expect and how to prepare for Return to Work? Businesses are beginning to re-open, but there is no one-size-fits-all strategy plan on how to do this. How do you implement various guidelines and how do they anticipate on what comes next when so much remains unknown?

Cyber Security Threat Management during a Global Disruption like the Covid19 Pandemic

In today’s increasingly digitized world and with the economy, and the way we work being disrupted by the COVID19 pandemic cyber threats are on the rise. Businesses are beginning to re-open, but there is no one-size-fits-all strategy plan on how to do this. Learn more here!

The EU Trade Policy & Transatlantic Leadership in the Post-COVID World

Commissioner Hogan shared insights on EU Trade policy which will play a central role as the global economy recovers from COVID-19. He outlined that solidarity between trading partners and maintaining open supply chains is the best route forward. Request access to this exclusive recording below.

COVID-19: Impact on Foreign Business Travelers, Executives and their Employers

COVID-19 has left visitors, business travelers and executives stranded in their country of destination – be it in Europe or the United States – and potentially subjecting those individuals and their employers to that nation’s income tax. Learn more here!

The U.S. Wayfair Decision: Untangling the Web of U.S. Sales Tax

The Wayfair Decision allows states to mandate that businesses with more than 200 transactions or $100,000 in-state sales, collect and remit sales taxes on transactions in the state, whether the business has a physical presence in the state or not.

The State of Transatlantic Trade: Trade Post-Covid19 – A Look Ahead

A fire-side chat about transatlantic trade post Covid19 to discuss: The economic impact on both the EU and US, Short term impact on multifaceted supply chains as the pandemic continues, Supply chain de-risking measures, and more. Request access to this exclusive recording below.

How to Navigate the After Effects of the US Stimulus Packages

Your company received stimulus funding, what do you need to know now?
An update on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and other funding packages as well as a discussion on what you need to know to stay compliant and certified in order to qualify for loan forgiveness.

Economic Outlook & Policy Priorities to Reopen the EU Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest shock to the global economy since the financial crisis of 2008. All around the world, unprecedented steps were taken to combat the virus and to protect workers and businesses while economy activity froze.

The EU Response to the COVID19: From Managing to Relaunching the Economy

European governments have taken draconian though necessary measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Lock-down and social distancing have put the economy in what can be best described as a pharmacological-induced coma

Special Monthly EACC Series: Update on The State of the Transatlantic Economy

Our kick-off program to a webinar series to keep our members up-to-date on the economic developments on both sides of the Atlantic and the impact of COVID. Hear renowned chief economists from key U.S. and European banks share their views. Request access to this exclusive recording below.

Risk Management in a Pandemic: What to do Now

COVID-19 has affected Transatlantic Commerce and Business Transactions for weeks. Without a clear picture on the end of this global pandemic and no guarantee that there won’t be a second or third wave, businesses must re-evaluate their risk management, their HR planning, and more…

Supply Chain Triage: Issues to Consider in a Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting companies around the world and causing major concern about supply chain disruption. Companies are being forced to prepare for unforeseen events, mobilize rapidly and set up crisis-management mechanisms.

Data Protection: California's CCPA and the EU's GDPR

Do you have data protection concerns? Does the CCPA apply to you? How does it differ from the GDPR, the EU’s data protection regime? Can you prepare for both at the same time? Do “exemptions” in the CCPA for healthcare, financial services, and non-profit corporations…and more!

The World on Lock-down: Global Covid-19 related Travel Restrictions and the Impact

Entry to the United States, and possibly also to and within the EU, is being restricted in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These moves are having an immediate and broad impact on transatlantic and global business.

How to do Business in the Age of Disinformation

The Digital Revolution is bringing sweeping change to all aspects of life and politics, impacting our everyday lives at a much faster pace than other revolutionary innovations in the past. Governments are responding to these changes, but there remains a consistent gap.

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