Events Committee

Events Committee

Mission & Goals

The mission of the events committee is to work with the EACC leadership and help identify relevant topics to educate and engage the local transatlantic business community and to generate awareness about the programs and benefits the EACCNY and its membership have to offer.

The committee assists the EACC in providing its members and the larger EACC audience with timely & relevant information and resources on matters affecting businesses engaged in transatlantic trade and investment across the various constituencies the EACC serves.

It’s goals are to:

  • Contribute to and participate in transatlantic business activities, member development & engagement in accordance with the EACC strategic priorities
  • Help raise the profile and visibility of the EACC and its thought-leadership on transatlantic trade & investment matters locally, nationally and internationally within the targeted business community and its larger constituency
  • Identify relevant & timely issues affecting business relations between the US and the European Union and develop informative programs to educate the EACC membership about topics relevant to their industries
  • Inform US executives about relevant regulatory issues in Europe and how they affect trans-Atlantic business transactions

Committee Responsibilities 

  • Meet at least quarterly as a committee to identify, plan, and accomplish programs and activities for the EACC event committee with the support of the EACC staff
  • Help identify and gain access to thought-leaders in our community to serve as speakers and panelists; Support EACC’s media outreach for some of the larger events
  • Participate in  annual committee leaders’ meetings and EACCNY’s strategic meeting
  • Identify prospective members within the target audience of the committee and engage them with the goal to get involved and join the EACC
  • Engage in a regular discourse with the EACC Staff and program committee to help identify relevant topics and regulatory and legislative changes and business matters that could affect cross-border transactions
  • Initiate a dialogue with the relevant subject matter experts who can share their knowledge and present at EACC seminars


The Psychology of a Crisis: Has the Pandemic changed us and if so how do we come out better?

Even a crisis can create opportunities. It may not be apparent in the immediate wake of crises, when fear & concern is still the driving our thinking that in reality we may have already entered a period of rebirth and with that an opportunity to rethink [our own and corporate] ethics, values & practices to deal with the fallout of COVID-19.

Is the End in Sight? 17 Years of the Airbus-Boeing Dispute

This Transatlantic Program is brought to you by the EACC Cincinnati. In October 2004 the U.S. hauled Airbus in front of the World Trade Organization, calling European loans to Airbus illegal subsidies. Since then, there have been counter-complaints and negotiations and appeals. Meanwhile, a global pandemic has walloped the aerospace industry, and China is making a serious run at getting into the civilian airliner market.

    Events Committee Members

    Yann Coatanlem

    Richard Altieri

    Tara Mulkeen
    Senior Managing Director