Compliance Workshop Series for European and American Banks operating in the United States

EACCNY is launching a new workshop series to help European and US Banks to stay on top of regulatory and compliance related challenges.

Expert Advise – Tailor Made to Your Needs – At A Time & Date Convenient for You – At Your Office or Ours

Staying Up-To-Date On Compliance Has Never Been Easier!

These 3 1/2 – 4 hour  workshops will cover issues related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, OFAC, Anti-Money Laundering, and Cyber Security and help participants understand the issues, what is at stake and how to implement the learned insights in their day to day work.

Our subject-matter experts will provide detailed presentations about the above mentioned topics as well as relevant take-away materials. This workshop offers CLE’s

How Does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) affect my business?
In this workshop, our experts will give detailed presentations about how the FCPA works, where it is implemented, and how it may affect your business. Discussants will also offer insights and FCPA knowledge in order for you to make informed decisions for your company moving forward.

A detailed overview of FCPA and its jurisdictional reach
• Understanding expansive jurisdiction (extending beyond the United States)
• An overview of the Law (Criminal and Civil)
• Understanding the expansive definition of “Foreign Official”
• Permissible payments and expenditures
• Agents, suppliers and third-party representatives

Effective Protection: A Risk-Based Compliance Program:
• Application of FCPA rules and regulations
• Understanding internal risks and security
• Transaction monitoring systems – common pitfalls and expectations
• Response to suspicious activity

Evolving regulatory trends and new requirements:
• Preparing for regulatory exams
• Understanding New York’s Department of Financial Services Superintendent’s Regulations and FinCEN’s rule on rule
• Responding to increased focus by U.S. authorities on the financial services industry
• Identifying non-obvious risks members of the financial industry

What you Should Know about the Office of Foreign Assets Control and Sanctions
Overview of OFAC country-based sanctions programs and list-based sanctions programs
• Overview of Specifically Designated Nationals (SDNs) and other sanctions lists
• Guidance on general OFAC compliance and compliance specifically by financial institutions
• Enforcement Trends
• OFAC’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

The Sanctions Framework
• Commercial and Financial Transactions
• Understanding specificities of sanctions and sanction types
• Warnings: Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light

Anti-Money Laundering (AML): Regulations, Rules, and Requirements
 Money Laundering: An Overview of the Law
• Specified Unlawful Activities
• Laws and Regulations
• Enforcement Trends
• Red Flags and Compliance Challenges

What is the culture at your Representative Offices (ROs)?
• Risk-based, CDD requirements published in May 2016, considerations how affiliates may implicate FinCEN requirements.
• Transaction monitoring and filtering program requirements and certification (effective January 1, 2017).

Is SWIFT still a risk and where are the alternatives?
• Global Banks require Global Compliance
• Hints and Tips to establish an effective risk-based AML program in
• Compliance Network Unit
• Regulators’ most recent expectations for the highest standards of AML

Cybersecurity: How Does Cybersecurity Affect your Business, and What do you need to know about the latest developments
An Overview of What Your Business Should Already Have, and What it May Need:
• Inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices and software
• Secure configurations for software and hardware
• Continuous vulnerability assessments
• Multi-factor authentication
• Encryption

An Overview of the Rules and Regulations
• What do the Regulations mean?
• Penalties for non-compliance
• Performing A Risk Assessment
• Technical, Administrative and Policy Controls
• Documenting compliance

The speakers for each presentation are hand-selected from within the membership of the EACCNY and all experts in their respective fields, the majority of them have decades of experience in the banking industry.

Experts from:
    • AIG
    • AlixPartners
    • DeVore & DeMarco LLP
    • Everseds Sutherland
    • Holland & Knight
    • Richards, Kibbe & Orbe LLP
    • Orrick
    • Pepper Hamilton LLP
    • Thompson Hine
    • Other EACCNY members

• Workshops will cover all topics listed above, and will run for approximately 3 1/2 – 4 hours, 45 minutes per segment.
• We will work with you to find a time and date that works for your company.
• Workshops can be held either at your offices or at the EACCNY offices.

For more information and to build out & customize the content of this workshop, contact us.
These workshops will be targeted to each groups specific needs, individual workshop agendas may be adjusted depending on the makeup of the group, based on you specific interests.

Dedicated workshop/member company
Member Price: $3000
Non-Member Price: $4500

Group workshop/member companies

Joint Workshop Member Price: $1250 per bank
Joint Workshop Non-Members Price: $2500 per bank

To book a Workshop: | Questions: +1 (212) 808-2707