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EACCNY: EACCNY Supports Fight Against Racial Injustice

While all of us have tried to stay hopeful during these challenging times, after watching our cities and our citizens explode over the latest appalling incidents of racial injustice surrounding George Floyd, Breonne Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many more; staying hopeful has become the most daunting of challenges.  Where can you turn? What can you do?  What next?

We stand firmly behind the peaceful protests and protesters who are exercising their constitutional rights to speak out against racial injustice.  In the midst of a global pandemic and stay at home orders, citizens of all races have taken to the streets – from Minneapolis to Philadelphia, New York to Atlanta and Detroit to Los Angeles.  They must be heard.  We all must listen, learn and remember.

Let’s not let the looting by a few take away from the message that racism has no place in a civil society.  If we can advance further in our united goal to regard an individual by his or her deeds and not by the color of their skin, then the voices have been heard.

EACCNY will provide a platform for members to showcase what actions they have taken. We will be in touch with our members on both sides of the Atlantic to check in what they have done in about 6 months and again in a year to check in how they concretely made a difference in the Black and Minority lives they work with and serve.

Please join with us to end racism across the globe.

Compliments of the European American Chamber of Commerce New York Staff.