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EU budget delivers results for EU citizens

Annual Report of the independent European Fiscal Board
The Commission took note of the independent European Fiscal Board’s report on the appropriate fiscal stance for the euro area 2020.

The European Fiscal Board is an independent body established in 2015 to advise on the overall direction of fiscal policy of the euro area.


The College was updated on the state of play on Italy and had a discussion on the topic. The College agreed to revert to this matter next week.


State of play of trade negotiations with Mercosur 
The College has also been debriefed by Commissioners Malmström and Hogan on the latest state of play of the Mercosur talks. EU and Mercosur negotiating teams are gathered in Brussels since Friday and these technical discussions are continuing. Tomorrow, Vice-President Katainen, together with Commissioners Malmström and Hogan will meet their Mercosur counterparts for a working dinner to take stock of the progress achieved so far in these discussions.


2018 Annual Management and Performance Report – Annual Report on internal audits
Making sure that every euro from the EU budget creates added value for EU citizens is a key priority for the European Commission.

It is also an important objective of the Commission proposal for the EU’s next long term budget for the period 2021–2027. The 2018 Annual Management and Performance Report published today shows the concrete results already achieved by the EU budget in terms of creating jobs and growth and investing in Europe’s youth. Together, the State of the Union, the General Report and the Annual Management and Performance Report provide a comprehensive picture for citizens of the European Union’s achievements and the role the EU budget plays in translating priorities into results. 

Through the report, which is also the starting point of the 2018 budgetary discharge procedure, the College of Commissioners takes political responsibility for the management of the EU budget.

Also today, the European Commission has adopted the Annual Report on internal audits carried out in the Commission in 2018. The report provides an overview of the audits conducted across the Commission by the independent Internal Audit Service. It also specifies the recommendations given, all of which were accepted, and the action taken by Commission departments to address the identified risks. 


Updated Code of Conduct for Commissioners delivers greater transparency, Commission report shows
The Juncker Commission has been committed to enhancing transparency from day one.

In this spirit  – upon the proposal of President Juncker and after consultation of the European Parliament –, in January 2018 the Commission adopted a new Code of Conduct for Commissioners, which sets stricter rules and even higher ethical standards and introduces greater transparency in a number of areas.

The Commission has today published the first annual report on the application of this Code of Conduct. It confirms that following the adoption of the updated Code, the Commission has achieved an even greater level of transparency when it comes to the conduct of its Members. More concretely, since February 2018 and every two months, the Commission publishes information on the Commissioners’ travel expenses. In February 2019, the European Commission published practical arrangements for Commissioners participating in the European Parliament elections. These came after the new Code of Conduct enabled Commissioners– all of them experienced and high-calibre politicians – to participate in the European elections campaigns without having to take a leave of absence as in the past. Finally, the Commission’s website related to ethics and integrity of the Members of the Commission was updated to provide better, clearer and more comprehensive information for interested stakeholders. Under the new Code of Conduct, a new reinforced Independent Ethical Committee was set up to give advice on all ethical issues and make recommendations related to the Code. Today’s report provides details about their work.

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