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Regulatory Scrutiny Board – Annual Report 2017

The Regulatory Scrutiny Board (RSB) is pleased to announce the publication of its Annual Report 2017.

The Board’s working methods are by now well established. After two full years of experience, the 2017 annual report reflects on a variety of new and enhanced practices – a new range of opinions, broader application of the ‘Evaluate first’ principle, more comprehensive consideration of the public consultations, mandatory quantification of costs and benefits. New tools include a monitoring system to track quality improvements following Board interactions.  This system allows the Board to draw cross-cutting lessons. The overall result of Board scrutiny has been measurably better impact assessments and greater capacity and experience in scrutinising evaluations.

The report is available online at https: . 

The findings of the Annual report 2017 will be on the agenda of the RSB Annual conference 2018 along with insights from Board scrutiny of evaluations at the focus of attention this year. The conference will take place on 15 June 2018 in Brussels. Save the date, we will keep you informed when registration will open.


The Regulatory Scrutiny Board is part of the process of policy-making  based on evidence. It provides quality assurance of impact assessments, fitness checks and major evaluations to the political level of the Commission. It helps ensure that initiatives take due account of data and stakeholder groups’ views before political decision-makers consider what action to take. The Board scrutinises all impact assessments and fitness checks and a selection of evaluations. In 2017 this amounted to 53 impact assessments and 17 separate fitness checks and evaluations.

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