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The Single Market as a Driver of Investment in Europe

As we celebrate the EU Single Market’s 25th anniversary, it is important to take stock of the enviable economic growth and welfare it has brought to Europe, while also acknowledging that new areas need to be prioritised so that the Single Market can remain fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Furthermore, sustaining higher rates of investment and improving the business environment in complementarity to the Single Market is an integral part of the EU’s ambitious Investment Plan for Europe – widely acknowledged as one of the most successful initiatives of the Juncker Commission.

Scheduled shortly before the launch of two new European Commission Communications on the Single Market and on Investment – and in the midst of the ongoing negotiations on the EU’s future budgetary framework – the conference gathered key stakeholders from the European institutions and Member States, as well as private sector representatives from within and outside the EU, to inform the policy debate and contribute to these European Commission Communications. The conference focused on the follow-up steps needed to build on the success of the Single Market and the Investment Plan for Europe, with a view to increasing growth and welfare in the EU while sustaining higher rates of investment and further improving the business environment. The conference also addressed where Europe stands on removing barriers to investment, how the EU compares from a global perspective, and what more can be done at both EU and national levels to tackle remaining market bottlenecks.

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