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Committed to Accelerated Climate Action

Climate change is a defining challenge of our generation and the European Union (EU)  has been at the forefront of negotiating a multilateral framework to respond to this global challenge. In 2015, the EU diplomacy played a leading role in brokering the historic and global Paris Climate Agreement. 195 countries agreed on a simple goal: to hand over to future generations a healthier planet and more prosperous, modern and fair societies.

The EU has acted domestically with speed and decisiveness to put real actions behind the Paris Agreement commitments. Today, the EU has arguably the most comprehensive and ambitious legislative framework in place, underpinned by its long-standing democratic and inclusive decision-making process.

The rapidly changing climate is a global problem and it calls for global responsibility. We in Europe have claimed leadership in this and we assume it in full. We have acted, we continue to act, but to meet our long term temperature goals we know we must do more and act faster in cooperation with our partners.

The EU will therefore call for greater climate ambition at the Climate Action Summit in New-York (September 23rd) and throughout the Climate Diplomacy Week (September 24th-October 6th).

Compliments of the European Commission