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EACC Insights: The chatbot first mentality – Chat as a UI

Attrecto –

About a year ago here are Attrecto we introduced chatbots to our portfolio and basically
started a brand new software product line. Now that we have had several successful projects
and have running pilots with this technology we ask ourselves, will bots ever be more
popular than apps or websites?

If you work on chatbots on your own, you’ll find several answers to this question. However
what we believe is that the chatbot first mentality could become the winning approach in the
coming years, when it comes to creating your brand’s digital presence.
Let’s see why bots have extremely high potential:

1. A bot for every business

Why would every business have a chatbot? Looking at statistics of the most popular, most
downloaded apps or apps with the longest session time, you’ll find that messaging apps
grow unbelievably fast, definitely faster than social apps. This translates into over a billion
users using this channel on a daily basis and once users are there, businesses can not risk
not being where their customers are. Think Facebook’s Messenger. 1 billion people use it
every month, if your business is not on Messenger you’re missing out on the attention of
these users (possible or existing clients).

Botified engagement

Businesses looking to increase and scale their presence on messaging platforms in the
future will have two choices. Either increase their live support, by employing more people or
use a computer to communicate and engage with their audience. the latter can be done by
using chatbots. This software lives in chat platforms, can respond instantly, communicate
with any number of people simultaneously and automate some/most parts of the
conversation so they only connect to a human operator when they can not help anymore.
Especially because of its cost effective scalability, every single business will eventually
(need to) have a chatbot on the most used messaging platforms.

2. There is no easier interface than natural language

The technology that forms the core of a chatbot is called Natural Language Processing. No
matter how easy visual interfaces become, chatbots level with the users, meaning users do
not have to get to know a different way of interacting with the fragmented visual interfaces of
an app, a software or a website, they will be able to just use the most natural way they have
always interacted with their environment, their language.

Using language to communicate with computers is going to be more than a shift, it is going
to revolutionize humans interact with machines. Let’s think about how we use our banking
apps now. We open the app, we log in, find the function to wire funds, fill out the necessary
data, click a couple more times, authorize the transaction and then we’re done.

Now when utilizing NLP and chatbots, you could actually form a sentence like, “Let’s send
$50 to my landlord for this month’s rent” and the bot would complete the transaction for you,
after the necessary confirmations of course.

Clearly, bots will eliminate the need to figure out complex visual interfaces and even give
more control to the users and as bots get smarter and will eventually understand every piece
of content, talking to one will be like talking to a real person with real time access to
information and data to process your commands instantly.

3. Chatbots are becoming faster than apps or websites

Think about bots as your personal assistant with AI personalities. For an assistant it is of the
top priority to listen to whatever you need and provide. This is what bots will do and actually
are doing today. Since they live in the most used apps, websites and platforms the user
journey’s fraction point of downloading them or waiting for them to load gets eliminated.
Right now bots are not that intelligent yet, but the underlying technology is constantly
improving and while they can not teach themselves we can use supervised learning to teach
them, which leads to better results and an improved user experience day by day.

We at Attrecto believe, that people will rather use chat than websites or apps to
communicate with businesses. Be it voice or text based chat, this communication channel
has become so natural and popular there is nothing more convenient.


Bots will not kill apps or websites in the near future, but people will increasingly get used to
utilizing them when communicating with a business. The bot first mentality is the first step in
terms of creating the best digital experiences for your customers as instead of looking at the
different technologies separately, you are focusing on how to best serve your customers.
Here at Attrecto we build custom tailored bots for both internal corporate use-cases and
external (reactive or proactive) communication purposes, helping companies automate their
internal processes and streamline their workflow. Our bots aid users to navigate any
software in an easy way, essentially creating a “Chat as a UI” solution.

Compliments of Attrecto – a member of the EACC in New York