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EY is first to achieve the highest recognition in intelligent automation delivery and capability from Blue Prism

Ernst & Young –

EY today announced that it is the first organization to achieve the highest recognition in both delivery and capability in implementing robotic process automation (RPA) at scale and speed from Blue Prism, a leading RPA software provider. This recognition means EY is the first organization to build out Blue Prism’s transformational automation capabilities at scale using the company’s Robotic Operating Model (ROM).

The Platinum-level Blue Prism Delivery Provider Certification sets stringent quality standards in delivery of transformational RPA deployments. EY demonstrated the highest levels of advanced training and service to deploy intelligent automation across enterprises, and even surpassed Platinum criteria for the number of accredited developers by more than 20%.

To achieve the Gold-level Blue Prism Capability Provider Certification, EY demonstrated the experience to design and build enterprise-wide Blue Prism Digital Workforce capabilities that help deliver better business outcomes and significant value for clients across a variety of different industries. This rigorous certification standard is based on industry-leading requirements for design experience and methodology, architecture, organization, governance, security, process and people.

Chris Lamberton, EY EMEIA Robotic Process Automation Leader, Financial Services Organization, says:

“This recognition is a significant milestone for EY and a great vote of confidence by clients. We’re demonstrating that intelligent automation, with RPA at its core, is a business solution that can transform mission critical enterprise operations. We are focused on driving customer success using Blue Prism in traditional sectors such as financial services as well as in new markets such as health and public services and across the emerging high-growth geographies of India, Asia Pacific and Japan — and in all cases supporting staff to help maximize their potential aided by RPA. Driving an enterprise-wide digital transformation requires vision, time and resources, and together with Blue Prism, we are helping customers to achieve just that, while at the same time advancing the EY internal transformation, relying on Blue Prism and a rapidly-growing number of robots, currently more than 300, in India.”

Weston Jones, EY Global and Americas Robotic and Intelligent Automation Leader, Advisory, says:

“EY services have helped deliver more than 400 intelligent automation projects for more than 100 clients in 40 countries, bringing RPA, digital and cognitive capabilities to enterprises across the globe in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, telecommunications, consumer products, banking and insurance sectors. These EY certifications in delivery and capability are a hallmark of EY quality.”

By automating certain tasks using RPA software, companies can free up employees’ time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

One example of EY working to support the delivery of RPA and digital-enabled transformation globally is with HSBC across Europe, India, the Asia Pacific region and the United States.

Brian Halpin, HSBC Global Head of Automation, says:

“EY is working with HSBC to help implement our vision to deploy digital technology across our operations. We are focused on enhancing the customer experience with improved quality and quicker response times, and enabling our workforce to focus on strategic activities, rather than repetitive tasks.”

To date, EY has accredited more than 500 people across the globe on Blue Prism technology to help organizations implement intelligent automation most effectively. In addition, through the EY Automation Center of Excellence, EY is one of the world’s largest users of RPA in automating its internal processes.

Alastair Bathgate, CEO, Blue Prism, says:

“Blue Prism is the industry’s most sought after partner program and EY is the first and only of our ecosystem to achieve the highest certification levels both in delivery and capability. We set stringent standards, benchmarks and customer surveys that ensure our accredited partners demonstrate credible proof of their expertise and delivery experience to their clients. We’re delighted to see EY achieve this significant milestone because together we are helping organizations drive digital transformation on a global scale.”

Ali Zaidi, Research Director, IDC, says:

“As companies look to transform their enterprises through emerging technologies, RPA is often the starting point that opens the door to artificial intelligence, blockchain and more. As a result, consulting companies such as EY that meet high standards in RPA are well placed to enable organizations in their digital transformation journeys.”

Compliments of Ernst & Young – a member of the EACC in New York