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6 Tips To Work From Home Successfully During Lock Down

I have been working from home since my first corporate job at Accenture in 2010 so I understand the expectations from a organisational and a personal perspective. But there are some of you out there who have never had to work from home and believe me, there is a way to work from home (WFH) successfully.
The difference being, in pre Corona Virus (Covid 19) times many organisations had begun to incorporate WFH into the lives of their employees with remote working and hot desking infrastructural changes. So what is the difference now?
Well, many organisations and schools are having to implement work from home infrastructure at speed without much warning or preparation and with the potential addition of a quarantined situation. As a result the reality of working from home has been intensified, to which effect I wanted to provide you with some of the tips to help you succeed whilst working from home;
1) Act As If You Are Going Into The Office
Working from home once in a while is a luxury and most people are excited by the prospect, however here we are presented with the reality of working from home being imposed upon us as a full time obligation.
That doesn’t mean you need to break your usual routine, yes you might have some more time in bed as a result of a reduction in your commute. But it is important to get up, get ready for work and set up a space that you can work from comfortably and hopefully ergonomically. That means, not setting up shop in your bed or from your sofa, but actually sitting at a table to ensure you have good posture.
As seen in Forbes, by Bianca Miller Cole
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