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AI as a Tool

By Len Adams | ACG Resources

There has been much hype recently about artificial intelligence and its application to the future of work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being touted as the wave of the future. While I do agree that AI has a place in the no too distant workplace, I do not believe that it will be a threat. Yes, some functions may change or be eliminated,  similar to the advent of the computer many years ago. What will happen is that AI will create more opportunity as people will need to “teach” AI and monitor quality control. Thus, the opportunity will be perhaps a higher level position requiring  an  additional skillset.

In my humble opinion, AI is a tool that will enable computers to “learn” ‘how to perform certain functions by being programmed with different scenarios and outcomes.  The issue however is that AI is just that, “ARTIFICIAL”  I firmly believe that some mundane functions, or data analysis, etc, can be great for this type of utilization. However, I would not want to trust functions that truly require “ human Intelligence”

Would I trust an AI function to perform a simple to minimally complex task, absolutely.  Would I trust  AI to perform a complex function that requires HUMAN thought processes and analysis, absolutely not.

I firmly believe that the same will hold true for AI. While AI will no doubt prove to be a wonderful tool, it will be just that, a TOOL that smart practitioners will use to perhaps make their jobs easier.

The function of Search and Staff always has and always will be a HUMAN function.  A computer, no matter how much ARTIFICIAL intelligence it’s programmed to have, will not have the capability to evaluate and identify SOFT skills and those skills that sometimes a Human Resources professional feels in their “Gut” about a prospective candidate.  Yes, the key words will be there and yes, the computer will learn what types of candidates are historically hired by the company, however, there are traits and skills that just cannot be determined by a computer. PEOPLE Hire PEOPLE.

I do believe that AI will be adapted by the industry and yes, it may change the way we operate. Clients will utilize Recruiters for the Soft skills that they possess.  The INTUITION about a prospective candidate, the REPUTATION a candidate possesses, the Soft Skills that are not always easily quantified. In short, the recruitment and staffing industry will still be called upon to SEARCH and RECRUIT, but will also be heavily relied upon to ATTRACT, EVALUATE and NEGOTIATE.

Additionally, AI is great when resumes are received; however, in many cases, particularly for more senior or hard-to-fill roles, a computer will NOT be identifying, searching and recruiting passive candidates, or more importantly, those executives that are not even passive, they are just not seeking to make a job change.  A computer will not have those relationships and pipeline that an active Search, Staffing and Recruiting firm will maintain.

As a Family owned Search and Staffing firm now going into a second generation, I look forward to the continued growth of the industry and encourage the third generation to come up behind us.

Compliments of ACG Resources, a member of the EACCNY