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Aimlon CPA P.C. rebrands to reflect the firm’s expertise in French, U.S., France-Amérique audit, tax and accounting

New York, October 1st, 2021 |

Aimlon CPA P.C. unveils its new brand identity. Designed around strong human and professional brand values – technical expertise, professionalism, sincerity, transparency, approachability – it reinforces the Firm’s French and U.S. expertise in tax, audit, and accounting. The new brand identity and positioning reflect the Firm’s ability to support our clients to build and preserve wealth, and to grow their business sustainably.

The A shape emblem, a clear symbol for the Aimlon CPA P.C. brand and the France-Amérique union

The essence of Aimlon CPA  P.C. is to offer within one Firm, a French, U.S., France-Amérique audit, tax,    and accounting expertise. With its reassuring curves  and  precise  dynamism,  the  red  and  blue  feet  of the A shape symbol conveys the Firm’s dual  expertise,  bound  together  by  a  central  element  in  blue. The distinctive A shape is designed to remind of everything that is the essence of the CPA Firm:

  • A like Aimlon,
  • A like Audit & Accounting, the Firm’s core competency,
  • A like the grade A, excellent, in the S. academic grading system.

A color palette that symbolizes expertise and humanity

Aimlon CPA P.C.’s visual identity features three colors that build brand recognition: blue, red and pastel. The blue and the red represent France and the United States of America and the dual expertise that the Firm offer. The pastel colors softens the strength and power of red and the trust associated to blue to reflect the CPA Firm’s brand values of confidence, approachability, dependability, and accounta- bility. This new brand identity conveys a sincere, empathetic, and warm tone of voice and a genuine desire to help the Firm’s clients solve their audit, tax, and accounting problems.

Aimlon CPA P.C., a Firm with a French, U.S., France-Amérique Expertise

Aimlon CPA P.C. is a responsive and attentive certified public accounting firm based in New York, NY. We serve individuals including expats, privately owned and family businesses including startups, high growth companies, established companies, U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies. Our clients’ inte- rest always come first and we provide a comprehensive 360-degree approach to business solutions you won’t get at larger accounting firms.


  • Mathieu Aimlon | | (646) 779-5575

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