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Bennett Jones Spring 2019 Economic Outlook

By David Dodge, Richard Dion, Serge Dupont, John Weekes, Michael Horgan, Valerie Hughes | Bennett Jones 

The Bennett Jones Governmental Affairs and Public Policy group are pleased to present the Spring 2019 edition of the Bennett Jones Economic Outlook.

This report provides unique insights on the current and future state of the Canadian and global economies, with a focus on the following key themes:

  1. Global Growth to 2021: Annual growth has slowed to a moderate and sustainable 3.3%. Headwinds are not severe enough to cause a recession in advanced economies.
  2. International Trade: The situation remains uncertain. Stabilizing trade relations in North America remains job one for Canada. Number two is taking advantage of CPTPP and CETA. We see the United States and China avoiding a full-blown trade war.
  3. Canadian Outlook: Growth slows in 2019 and rebounds to 1.9% in both 2020 and 2021. Global trade disruptions represent the biggest downside risk.
  4. Macro Perspective on 2019 Budgets: A brief analysis of the federal, Ontario, B.C. and Québec 2019 budgets and a look at Alberta’s fiscal prospects.
  5. Planning Parameters for Canadian Businesses: Moderately strong growth to continue in 2020 and 2021. Central banks will be more data dependent on interest rates.

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