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British Parliament likely to vote again on the Withdrawal Agreement in last push to get Brexit over the line

By Mike Archer, Director Public Affairs, Strategic Communications | FTI Consulting

On Wednesday 20th March 1,000 days will have passed since the UK held an historic vote to leave the European Union. 1,000 days filled with accusations and counter-accusations; procrastination followed by sudden acceleration; anger, frustration and despair; and, of course, soundbite after soundbite. But perhaps most of all, 1,000 days of uncertainty for business and citizens across the European continent. When the headlines are written this week, will they reflect the end of the beginning for Brexit, or will that uncertainty continue for the nervous weeks to come?

After a week of intense activity on Brexit, MPs are set to have a third attempt at approving the draft Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU on Tuesday (or possibly Wednesday) this week. The Government’s previous attempts resulted in the largest and fourth largest defeats, respectively, in British political history. Having reduced the majority of opposed MPs to 149 (from 230), the Government now has to try and convince seventy-five MPs to change their minds. Can events in the coming hours change the dynamic so that a majority support the deal? A few critical factors remain in play that will decide the fate of Brexit and, potentially, that of the Government.

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