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CILcare | Hear this! Potential Therapeutics for COVID-19 Should be Tested for Auditory Safety

Previously published in World Pharma Today |

Executive Summary

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the world, clinicians, academic institutions, private organizations, and governments are working tirelessly to find treatments to help patients and at-risk populations threatened by this novel disease. The best minds in infectious disease and immunology are focusing on mechanisms for future therapies that are both safe and efective. In the absence of approved therapies, some investigators are looking towards drug products indicated for other conditions with the goal of repurposing them for COVID-19 indications. This means investigating a previously approved therapeutic as a potential therapy for an entirely new indication, in this case, COVID-19. Repurposing of an approved therapy allows for expedited access to clinical trial approval, accelerating the regulatory approval process. And the approval rate for a repurposed therapy is approximately 30% better than for a novel drug.

Access the full article here: World Pharma Today: Therapeutics for Covid19 and Auditory Safety 2020


  • Co-authored by Wahid Awad, PhD, at CILcare and Michael Naimark, MS, at CBSET, a partner of CILcare.

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