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Due North: U.S. Private Equity Sets Sights on Canada

By John M. Mercury & Jonathan McCullough

The outlook for private equity investment in Canada is promising. The country has become an attractive destination for foreign investors, and the total value of PE deals continues to reach new heights. A strong Canadian economy is good news for Canadian companies and investors.

What are the motivations and experiences of PE firms doing deals in Canada? What is driving their decisions to move ahead and invest, or to hold and take a closer look? To better understand this, Bennett Jones commissioned Mergermarket to survey Canadian and U.S. PE executives, as well as members of management teams at Canadian portfolio companies of Canadian and U.S. PE firms.

They told us how important it is to understand the Canadian market, where they see the greatest growth opportunities, and what key trends and strategies help structure deals. They also described the main challenges they face, and the points of tension between PE investors and their portfolio companies.

There is above all optimism about the prospects for private equity investment in Canada in the near future. We share this optimism at Bennett Jones and hope you find value in our study, Due North: U.S. Private Equity Sets Sights on Canada.

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