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EEE Corporate Group | Best Regulation Advisory firm 2019 and British Community Honours Awards 2019 at the House of Lords

Our vision at EEE Corporate Group US & UK

  • Empowerment of select clients achieving their goals by co-investing with them and providing high-quality advisory service all the way to exit.
  • Execution of the right strategy tailored to long-term needs of those select investments.
  • Excel by maximizing their long-term performance and growth in a sustainable manner.

Active Mandates 2021

  • TAE Life Sciences – Potentially treating recurrent, multiple, and untreated cancers by targeting cancerous cells at cellular level and precisely destroying them in just one or two sessions! This is where technology marries up the existing non-toxic drug to revolutionize the platform of oncology.
  • Natrox Wound care – Oxygen Wound Therapy while being FDA cleared, and CE marked, this simple device delivers continuous pure humidified oxygen to a wound to stimulate healing and potentially offers a U-turn on amputation as the last resort.
  • Pirche AI Software – Epitope Matching in finding the best donor fit in all transplantations including stem cells and nephrology by estimating risk of immune responses after transplantation as well as providing best treatment option reports to immunologists and oncologists customized to their cancer patients based on the gene’s makeup of that particular patient.
  • Revinax – 3D Virtual Reality Education Portal in medical training by recognizing the need for a paradigm shift in how medical teams–nurses, surgeons, caregivers, surgical nurses, nurse anesthetists are trained by providing them with a better way to learn the skills and improve their abilities to perform technical procedures through harnessing the power of proven technology: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
  • Prime Gen Global – Stem Cells Therapy by curing inflammatory diseases naturally at the cellular level and by activating stem cells before they are administered to patients to accomplish a specific job immediately upon entering the body by working with the body’s own defense mechanisms and immune system.


  • Anne Nimalaharen, Director of UK Operations |

Compliments of EEE Corporate Group – a member of the EACCNY.