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Empire Global Ventures is helping a Finnish company that makes plastic-free and recyclable food service products to grow their business in the U.S. market

Kotkamills is a Finnish company that makes plastic-free and recyclable food service products. They create products through renewable resources that prioritizes both the environment and consumers.
Why We’re Celebrating: 
They won the Starbucks and McDonalds-organized
2019 Next Gen Cup Challenge, an award given to the to-go cup that best addresses the concerns of food packaging waste.
They were also the recipients of a 2019 Worldstar Packaging Award
What makes Kotkamills so exciting?
The Kotkamills cup is plastic free, biodegradable, and easily recyclable. 
The cups and to-go containers that consumers think of as “recyclable” typically use a plastic lining to prevent leakage and liquid absorption. This lining is rarely recyclable, so these containers either contribute to the 8 million tons of waste in landfills, or recycling facilities have to increase their carbon footprint to remove this plastic lining from the recyclable material.
Kotkamills makes using the wood chips from their lumber mill in Finland, in a process called wood pulping. Instead of plastic, they use a water-based dispersion barrier before their material is pressed into cups, to-go bowls, trays and other products.
Kotkamills is a company invested in the future of our planet and is the next generation of sustainable development.
We are excited to help introduce them to the United States market. 
Compliments of EGV, a member of the EACCNY