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EY Europe Attractiveness Survey 2019

By Andy Baldwin, Hanne Jesca Bax & Marc Lhermitte | EY

The EY Europe Attractiveness Survey 2019 examines the region’s attractiveness as a foreign direct investment (FDI) destination, bringing priorities for Europe into sharp focus.

Our report analyzes the level of foreign investment into Europe and gathers the views of over 500 international business leaders on the most important factors that will improve Europe’s attractiveness for investment prospects. Our findings reveal that, relative to other regions around the world, Western Europe is now considered more attractive than it has been at any point during the last 10 years as a place to establish operations. What’s more, Eastern Europe is now considered the second-most attractive region for investment.

However, for the first time in the last six years, FDI in Europe declined on an annual basis last year. Businesses around the world completed 6,356 FDI projects in Europe in 2018, a 4% decrease. We believe there is much that can be done to stem this concerning decline. For this reason, we ask, how can Europe raise its game?

Among the recommendations, the report calls for a focus, by business and government, on what we call, the four ‘Ts’:
•Talent: planning for tomorrow’s skills today
•Trade: fighting the good fight to resist protectionism
•Technology: Europe’s big bet in a world where digital is the new normal
•Tax: creating an attractive Europe through a stable and predictable tax regime
I hope the new report will provide new insights, facts and viewpoints to help shape your approach to investment in Europe.

We invite you to read the full report here

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