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Fall 2018 Economic Outlook

By David Dodge, Richard DionSerge Dupont, John WeekesMichael HorganValerie Hughes
The Bennett Jones Governmental Affairs and Public Policy group are pleased to present the Fall 2018 edition of the Bennett Jones Economic Outlook.
This report provides unique insights on the current and future state of the Canadian and global economies, with a focus on the following key themes:
1.    Global Growth to 2021: The broad cyclical, structural and policy factors expected to shape growth, and the short- and medium-term risks to the projection.
2.    International Trade: Despite the positive progress with the USMCA and CPTPP, trade relations between the United States and China continue to deteriorate with the Trump administration, prompting uncertainty about the future prospects for global trade cooperation.
3.    Canadian Outlook: The economic factors contributing to Canada’s growth and the challenges to its competitiveness in the years ahead.
4.    Challenges for the 2020s: The key trends which will shape the demographic, technological, trade and climate change challenges which Canadian businesses and governments will have to deal with in the decade ahead.

5.    Planning Parameters for Canadian Businesses:What Canadian businesses can do.

Download the report HERE.

Compliments of Bennett Jones, a member of the EACCNY