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Fees & Expenses Survey 2020: Who pays what? The tug of war between LPs and GPs

Troutman Pepper, an EACCNY member, recently published this report in association with PEF Services and Withum |

This latest iteration of our biennial survey examines how funds are allocating fees and expenses between GPs and LPs. Originated in 2014, this 2020 report shows several emerging trends, including:

  • Key findings from this year’s survey and trends over the years
  • The ILPA effect
  • Role of the LPAC
  • Conflicts over co-investment
  • Who pays for outsourcing costs
  • Fund term extension issues



  • Julia Corelli, Partner | julia.corelli[at]
  • Stephanie Pindyck Costantino, Partner | stephanie.costantino[at]
  • Genna Garver, Partner | genna.garver[at]
  • Irwin Latner, Partner | irwin.latner[at]
  • Gregory Nowak, Partner | gregory.nowak[at]
  • Christopher Rossi, Partner | christopher.rossi[at]
  • Paul Steffens, Partner | paul.steffens[at]

Compliments of Troutman Pepper – a member of the EACCNY.