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Galileo Global Advisors partners to launch the Capital Market Development initiative with former NYSE and LSE senior executives

Capital markets (dys)functioning and regulation  are again at the center of public attention and even congressional investigations. The need to recenter them on their core mission  and purpose has hardly been grater, not only for the marketplace, but for market participants. Even the court of public opinion is starting to believe that their valuation function is questionable. From my experience as a former Group EVP of the New York Stock Exchange, I decided to join forces with former exchange executives.

Barriers in capital markets have been lowered, in terms of access, speed, and geography. The increased integration of global capital markets allows investors to easier access and deploy capital abroad. However, international competition and market players’ expectations increased as well. While tech and digital trading has decentralized financial markets on a domestic level, globalization of trade has fueled multiple financial hubs – beyond the usual suspects of London, New York and Hong Kong. In this world, the increased integration of capital markets will be key for investors, other market players and the economy as a whole.

To answer to that imperative, Global Markets Advisory Group, Galileo Advisors and Zero Beta are pleased to announce the launch of a specialized consultancy, the Capital Markets Development Initiative (“CMDI”). The CMDI will offer expert advice to governmental bodies, regulatory agencies, development banks, and market participants across the globe on planning, enhancing, and developing stronger capital markets infrastructures and on streamlining markets to better compete in the ever-growing global economy.



Compliments of Galileo Global Advisors – a member of the EACCNY.