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GOP: COVID-19, Italian Prime Minister Decree dated 26 April 2020

April 30, 2020 |

The start of phase 2

As the contagion rate and death toll caused by the Covid-19 emergency (“Covid-19”) continues to decrease, on 26 April 2020 the Prime Minister announced in a press conference the measures adopted to ease the lockdown during the so-called “phase 2”. The new measures are reflected in the Prime Minister Decree dated 26 April 20201 (the “26 April 2020 Decree”).

During the press conference, the Prime Minister explained that the reopening and resumption of the activities will be staggered and announced that the next step is scheduled for 18 May 2020, with the progressive reopening of retail shops, food & beverage activities, musea, exhibitions and libraries.

The measures adopted under the 26 April 2020 Decree apply from 4 May 2020 and replace those provided under the Prime Minister Decree dated 10 April 2020 (see our Newsletter dated 11 April 2020 at the following link), and remain in force until 17 May 2020. However, the Italian Regions maintain their autonomy and, therefore, in consultation with the Minister of Health, may apply more restrictive measures limited to their local territory, if needed.



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