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How You Can Profitably Enter the US Market: 10 Legal Myths Debunked

By Marc Friedman, Global Commerce Education

We have observed that there are a lot of myths and untruths in what people believe about doing business in the US and it often stops companies from moving toward their US market expansion goals.

The biggest source of misconceptions seems to be the legal field so we are happy to bring you this compendium of 10 common legal myths about US Market Entry and why they are incorrect. It is authored by Marc Friedman, Director of Professional Relations at Global Commerce Education and previously Senior Partner at the global law firm Dentons. Over his 48-year career, Marc has assisted numerous companies in the execution of their US expansion plans.

Here is what the CEO of a French client company said about the book: “Following the principles in this ebook, Marc helped us have a very successful landing in the United States. The ebook is a solid roadmap for any non-US company considering the American market and I wholeheartedly recommend it”

With these myths debunked you will see that:

  • forming a US entity is rapid and inexpensive
  • simple planning steps can reduce or eliminate the risk of lawsuits
  • your intellectual property can be optimally protected
  • you can find the right trusted partners that will help you profitably enter the US market

We hope you find value in this excellent resource. Download the e-book HERE

Compliments by Global Commerce Education, a member of the EACCNY