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HSBC International Business Guides: Central and Eastern Europe

By Richard J Keery & Michal Mrozek | HSBC

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is today very much open for business. The transitioning economies of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania in particular have attractive long-term growth prospects which make this region an ideal international base.

CEE can also count on political stability, improving infrastructure and a highly-skilled workforce. Combined with its freemarket economic principles, and wide geographical spread, this is a prime location for international investment.
HSBC has a distinct presence in Europe, reaching 34 markets and physically operating within 19. Our network covers
99% of European payment flows and 90% of global trade flows.

Bilateral trade is key for HSBC, particularly between Central and Eastern Europe and China. With a long-established
commitment to projects such as the Belt & Road Initiative, of which these five CEE countries are part, HSBC is well
placed to help businesses navigate this market.

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