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IIE | Spring of Hope – a message from Allan Goodman

Dear Friends,

As the world slowly emerges from COVID-19, we at IIE are optimistic. After each of the 12 pandemics in IIE’s history, international mobility actually surged. This time will be no different.

Like you, we believe international exchange transforms lives and strengthens communities. And the Covid-19 pandemic has underscored that the mobility on which international education depends is central to what universities do best and for the benefit of humankind: promoting basic research, encouraging scientific experimentation and innovation, and forming future leaders.

We anticipate that when it is safe again to travel, not only will international educational exchanges resume rapidly, but international students will have more destinations and choices for studying abroad than at any time in history. To see our latest forecast for what’s ahead please see this essay that Mirka Martel and I wrote for the Social Sciences Research Council.

Please stay well and safe.



Allan E. Goodman
President and CEO
Institute of International Education

Compliments of the Institute of International Education – a member of the EACCNY.