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ING publishes its 2018 Integrated Annual Report

ING today published the 2018 ING Group Annual Report, an integrated report designed to provide a broad range of stakeholders with an overview of our financial and non-financial performance in 2018.

The report includes a detailed explanation of our strategic direction in the ‘Strategy and how we create value’ chapter, including a value creation model. Chapters including the ‘World around us’, ‘Our business’, ‘Innovation and transformation’, ‘People’, and ‘Risk and capital management’ give in-depth views of a range of areas crucial to ING, to how we serve our customers and to our future direction.

The report integrates our financial and non-financial performance with the larger role ING plays in society. A broad group of stakeholders, including customers, investors, employees and management, were consulted and their feedback was analysed to identify topics that have the greatest impact on our business and to determine focus areas for our non-financial reporting.

The Annual Report is available on a special annual report landing page on ING’s website This page includes all relevant downloads and an accessible and engaging overview of the key figures and highlights of the year. The 2018 ING Annual Report is also available free of charge in print at ING’s global headquarters.

Compliments of ING, a member of the EACCNY