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Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

We have gathered some of the most exciting recent applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Launched in India, Child Growth Monitor is an AI-powered smartphone app that detects malnutrition in children. The app uses an infrared sensor to capture the child’s measurements (height, body volume and weight, and limb circumference) to succesfully diagnose malnutrition.

Unity Technology has developed Obstacle Towers, a video game designed to test the strengths and weaknesses of AI’s. They hope to develop a standardized benchmarking tool to evaluate self-learning software.

Researchers at MIT have taught an AI equipped robot a new game: Jenga. Unlike robots who play chess using visual cues, Jenga requires the robot to problem solve while receiving tactile feedback. This has implications for future tasks they can preform, from organizing recycling and trash to assembling consumer goods.

Compliments of  Empire Global Ventures, a member of the EACCNY