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Inside Self-Storage Best of Business 2017


BOS Container USA Inc.represents manufacturer BOS (Best Of Steel) GmbH in the United States as well as Australia, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia and other countries. The company offers a panelized, expandable storage container that can be assembled quickly with few to no tools. The containers come in six different sizes and can be fitted with accessories such as anti-condensation coating, shelving systems, an access ramp and various organizing tools.

What’s the biggest pain point your company attempts to solve for self-storage owners,operators or managers?
Our clients don’t need to hire skilled (expensive) labor for the assembly of our containers. They can easily be built with a small team.

What’s the most exciting thing to happen to your company since last year?
We’ve started to carry inventory in five different U.S. cities. This allows potential self-storage clients to buy one or two units to test them out. The feedback has been overwhelmingly  positive.

Please give us a sneak peek into a new product or service you’re releasing in 2018.
Something new is in the works, and I hope to be able to do a press release on that topic a little later.

Does anyone at your company own or operate a self-storage facility,and if so,how does  that experience influence your business?
We treat our customers as long-term partners, not clients; therefore, they become an extension of our business. Their feedback is what allows us to improve our service, deliver y of the goods, and our product line.

Tell us a little-known fact about your company or someone who works there.
Our CEO, Kari, is a Finn living in the United States; and his business partner, Tom, is an American living in Finland.

Does your company support any charitable or community causes?
Tom lives in a small community where he is an active supporter of youth sports.

How is your company leveraging technology to better assist  and communicate with customers?
We use technology to effectively communicate with our customers while continuing to provide personalized services.

What’s the most interesting employee nickname in use at your company,and what’s the story behind it?
Tom is known as “Bink” in his hometown of Vandalia,Ill. Nobody would know who I’m talking about if I called him Tom over there.

If your company was a vacation destination,which would it be and why?
Since our product is made in Germany, the vacation destination of choice would be Octoberfest!

Compliments of BOS Container USA, a member of the EACCNY